7 Most Amazing Tourist Places in Pakistan

If travelling is a passion you live by, your escapes are often in the form of new destinations. And if wanderlust is the spark that helps you cherish living, visiting new tourist places is how you find a new part of yourself.

So while looking for your next destination, you will find many tourist places to explore. But how much do you know about a Country like Pakistan? The international media often associates the country with various political news.

 7 Most Amazing Tourist Places You Can Visit

However, one cannot define Pakistan solely through its political presence. The limitation of such perception does injustice to the country’s landscape and diverse cultural existence. From mounting sceneries that can offer nature’s therapy to marks of Royal history, Pakistan has unique tourist features.

If you are a curious explorer, there are many tourist places in Pakistan that you can visit, without a doubt, call the best tourist places in Pakistan. You can find some of the best tourism aspects of the country in:

Best tourism aspect of Pakistan

  • Diverse Regions: Pakistan is divided into various provinces. The most popular provinces are Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, and Balochistan. These areas are well known for tourism.
  • Rich Cultures: The country may have a Muslim majority population. However, this does not mean Pakistan has no life of diverse cultures. One of the best tourism features of Pakistan is its diverse cultural presence.
  • Historical Heritage: The land is known to be the home of many Mughal rulers. Therefore, tourists and travellers can explore the past of the country. These historical tourist places are always a reminder of how Pakistan is a big part of great history.
  • Delightful Food: The country takes a lot of pride in its cuisines. However, the claim is well justified, with Mutton Biryani, Kabuli Pulao, and Chapli kabab being world-famous dishes.
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Tourist Places to Visit in Pakistan

The land is known for its streams, lakes, mountains, and unique cultural diversity. Pakistan has a lot to offer many travellers. To end your curiosity, here are some of the best tourist places in Pakistan.

Neelum Valley

Surrounded by lush green mountains and dense natural habitats lies the Neelum Valley. The valley has a lot to offer with sparsely populated houses and greenery. You can find fresh streams, unique local dishes, and new experiences in the land. Many solo travellers have claimed Neelum valley to be therapeutic.

Multan City

If you are someone who has a longing to know better about Pakistan, Multan city is the correct answer. There are so many things to experience and see in the city. Shrines like Shah Rukn-e-Alan, Bahaudin Zakariya Multani, and Shah Yousuf Gardezi give travellers a unique part of Pakistan’s history.

Hunza Valley

It is Hunza, sweeping mountain landscapes, the ritual of delicious food, and exploring the other side of Pakistan. Under Gilgit Baltistan province, the valley is often acknowledged for its unique and simple beauty.

Tourists often visit for the lifestyle and people who reside there. Given the gradual popularity of Hunza, many travel agencies offer the best Hunza valley tour.

Kailash Valley

Home to Kailash people, the land has a lot of special travelling moments to offer. The valley had the pleasure of being visited by various prominent personalities. Given this, many tourists started growing their interest in the valley and its people.

The Kailasa people have an attractive culture that is very different from the rest of the Pakistani population. They are said to be the descendants of Alexander The Great’s soldiers.

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Adventure Time in Pakistan

Aside from the landscapes and historical places, professional mountaineers also appreciate Pakistan. The land has many adventurous trekking experiences to offer. They are:

Nanga Parbat Trek

The Nanga Parvat is the 9th highest mountain in the world. However, the fairy meadow makes the trek most fun for travellers. The meadow is well known among many professional backpackers for its serene and natural beauty.

K2 Base Camp

Many people visit the country for this prominent peak. It has been recorded as one of the tallest mountains in the world. Therefore, it is the best trekking challenge many professional climbers take.

Rush Lake Trek

People trekking for the first time can go for the Rush Lake trek. It gives you a moderate adventure and, at the same time, provides the best experience with scenic views. This trek is not that long but offers the best enjoyment.

How is Tourism in Pakistan for Everyone?

Pakistan is often viewed in a different light regarding safety in travelling. However, it is necessary to delve into how many of them are true. Pakistan is safe not only for a family vacation but also for solo travellers.

The country has taken the best initiative to encourage tourism all around. Given this, many tours and travel advisors offer the best services for all types of travellers. Under these arrangements, travellers can get the best benefits from hotels and transportation services.

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