7 Major Roles of Optometrist in Primary Eye Care

An Optometrist is an eye specialist trained to assess eyes and spot any sign of ocular disease, a sign of injury, defects in vision, or any abnormality in the eye. It is often that eyes are affected due to diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health conditions, and these optical specialists can be useful in correcting those problems as well.

They carry out an ocular evaluation, prescribe contact lenses or glasses, offer clinical advice to patients, and refer them for further treatment whenever needed.

Diagnosing Possible Eye Diseases

An optometrist, earlier referred to as Optician, uses an apparatus called the ophthalmoscope for the detection of eye diseases. These could be macular degeneration, glaucoma, etc. that arise due to health issues like hypertension and diabetes.

7 Major Roles of Optometrist in Primary Eye Care

In case any irregularity is found during the detection, patients are made to undergo further special examinations. These specialists are supposed to check for the problems of your eyes and then suggest to you the solution for it. For instance, in glaucoma patients, eye pressure is estimated.

Prescribing Medicines for Eye Diseases

When it comes to treating glaucoma and managing various ocular disorders, a certified optometrist prescribes a topical form of:

  • Antihistamines
  • Antibiotics
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Some types of scheduled analgesics

Once he gets certified by some independent prescribing qualification, an optometrist can get the authority to prescribe all kinds of licensed medications apart from injectable or parenteral. Opticians in Australia follow this type of practice. They are allowed to give you medicines as well as an eye drop to help your eyes.

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Prescribing Contact Lenses

7 Major Roles of Optometrist in Primary Eye Care

They can also prescribe contact lenses of special types, such as Varifocal and toric lenses if patients suffer from abnormal corneal shape. Glasses and lenses are something they are experts in. they test your eye and determine the power of the lenses you will require. they are also liable to teach you how to wear a contact lens.

Offering primary eye care on an outpatient basis

Within the hospital, they have a lot of duties to perform. They carry out functions similar to the activities that they are certified to perform in clinical settings. They offer outpatient care to a part of the patients who are admitted to eye hospitals. Basically, they have to:

  • Test the sharpness of vision
  • Handle equipment for proper examination of patients’ eyes
  • Prescribing corrective lenses

Offering care for low and binocular vision problems

As a routine, they have to deal with people suffering from irreversible eyesight. They offer medications to help patients recover from low vision problems. Also, they educate patients about all the usual visual exercises that must be practised for vision improvement.

7 Major Roles of Optometrist in Primary Eye Care

They will mention it to the patient in case the eye power can get better, if not they would ask you to use glasses or lenses. An optometrist creates a personalized vision therapy for binocular vision abnormality sufferers. Such therapy is needed by athletes and students.

Review and Counselling

They also offer advice to cataract patients before and after surgery, and also offer them counselling about the suitable use of contact lenses. Optometrists review the prior medical records of patients, for evaluating their state of vision. They are not certified to do any kind of operation themselves. Beware of people claiming to do surgery without the proper degree.

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Training and Research

An optometrist is also often involved in research practices concerning visual diseases resulting from neurological issues. They train and teach new professionals who join this field of eye care in the optometrist school for an optometrist career. You must book your appointment and visit the nearest eye specialist today.

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7 Major Roles of Optometrist in Primary Eye Care

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