There is some link building myths out there that you should avoid while making a link building plan there is no scientific value of those myths, and that is only a roadblock in your strategy. And you know that links are the major ranking factor in the search result, and you can’t ignore them.

And ’s important for you to know what is the right link building strategy that works well for your online business. There are some link building myths that can create trouble for your online businesses.

So it’s important to avoid these Link Building myths

Link Building

Guest Posting is Dead

The no 1 myth is popular among newbie bloggers that guest posting is dead and running this for so many years. Who are not pro that is the biggest roadblock for them, and holds them back in their progress for some time until they come to know this is wrong.

And the guest blogging still a great way to build your site authority, exposure, page authority, and at the same time traffic but make sure the backlink you are making should be from high authoritative sites. You the good authority site are enough to rank higher in search engines.

Link Not Relevant to Your Niche or Low Quality

The myth is prevalent among online marketers to rank high you need to get top authority sites to link back to your site. To get these sites to feature your link, you need to create relevant content for them no matter your content related to your niche or not still you will get the value of that link.

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Only pro-people avail this opportunity and newbie live in confusion if that is not the case then why pro-people make their link from an Edu. and Governent sites even their niches not related to these sites. Google not decline those links even crawl them and pass the link juice.

External Links Matter More Than Internal Ones

Internal linking smooth your ranking and help in ranking, you know how important the internal linking for SEO and play a vital role in better ranking and overall experience. This tactic not only increases your dwell time but also rank your pages without getting an external link.

With the top pages of your website internal linking giving you the opportunity to rank the deep pages in search engines by just simply interlink them with the top pages of your site. You know or don’t know I don’t know that this is one of ranking factor out of 200.

Links Are the Most Important Google Ranking Factor

Here is one more myth prevalent among people that link are the most important Google ranking factor that is not true, top bloggers claims that there is 200 ranking factor, I have seen some website rank in Google without making any backlink how that possible.

There are few other factors equally important to rank in top pages that content quality links and rank brain, on-page SEO, mobile-friendliness, and many more. And one more thing Google presents accurate contextual results by evaluating the searches so that a user can get the best experience out of it.

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So to say that inbound links are the only ranking factor not true but it’s important, valuable content and rank brain some other factors are also important to SERP.

Links from Other Niches Won’t Help

This is another myth about link building that irrelevant niches are useless and that is not going to help you in your ranking, people say that they are low quality. This is the misbelief of people and listening for years, but it’s not true.

I think there is some confusion in people’s understanding, it’s no deny in getting a link from a high authority website no matter it’s from a different niche, it will still as powerful as from the same niche website. In the link building process you should aware of the site’s trust flow, which anchors text you are using that is also important.

Image Links Are Bad for SEO

There was a misconception that contextual links are better than image link, now Google has become better and evolving every day, it all algorithm work on and Google has become so powerful to understand images through coding.

The alt tag option plays a vital role and its description section you know images website also rank the same way as text that was difficult even for Google a few years back but now things have changed. Now they are equally important and carry the same weight age in SEO link contextual link.

Content is King

Sure quality content deserves that but it’s not happened even popular blog struggle. Not only quality matters this is the case then there is a flood of content on the web that are waiting to read and these types of blog die after one year.

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To earn link organically seems impossible because there is millions of blog on the web who comes front without backlink content is not the only ranking factor for them there is some other factor also like keyword on-page SEO and another strategy of SEO.


All of the above misconceptions become trouble to your website SEO plan, and information on the web is flooded, there is no specific tool to filter the right and wrong information you can learn this tactic only from an expert who has deep knowledge about the subject.

So always follow people or information that is coming from a trusted source that is most important before applying. Link building is an ongoing process that wants particular skill and effort, and SEO constantly evolving every day if a tactic running today that could be outdated tomorrow. Even the gurus learn every day to keep themselves updated, it’s a process to stay in the game without them you can’t survive.

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