7 Free User-friendly Online Poster Making Tools

With 7 free online poster making tools, you can design yourself anytime anywhere with the simplest drag and drop. No in-depth job knowledge is required as these tools already build you a huge arsenal of design templates for your reference.


This great online poster design tool will help you create impressive posters in just a few minutes. The software has an intuitive interface to help users interact easily. At the same time, Design Cap also provides hundreds of beautiful poster templates, making it easier to design.

Poster Making

The number of photos, fonts and backgrounds is very large, you can easily create posters that attract customers and have high interaction rates. The best thing about this online poster website is that everything is free.


This is an online poster website that helps you design posters easily and effectively. However, with free accounts, of course, you will not get as many features as paid accounts. You can use thousands of different designs, tailor them to your content and ideas, and then download them to your computer.

Poster making

If you want your poster to have higher image quality, you need to pay a small fee. The best thing about PosterMyWall is that they provide huge design resources for you to choose and create. At the same time, they also allow teachers to create free accounts to manage student publications.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Express

This software allows users to easily design free posters by offering a range of poster templates and layouts that can be used to create your own custom posters for sharing on social media and for print. Adobe Creative Cloud Express has countless design customization options awaiting you, and all you need to make use of them is a mouse and a keyboard.

Poster making

The Poster Making software works as follows:

  • Choose the size of the poster image that fits your needs.
  • Select your desired poster theme.
  • Select the background images for the poster, you can download them from your computer or social networking account.
  • Select the font, and add text and the shapes you want.

Uplevo – Online poster making tool in Vietnam

This is the first online poster design tool developed by the company headquartered in Vietnam. Uplevo offers outstanding features of poster design at a small cost and is affordable for Vietnamese people.

Developed by Vietnamese people, the designs on Uplevo will be optimized to serve the aesthetic of users. The software has hundreds of different designs for you to choose from freely. Design work only takes you 5-10 minutes with extremely simple manipulations and is easy to use.


This is also a website that allows users to set it completely free. All you need to do is just create an account on Fotor, choose a theme from thousands of designs in the library and design your own poster.

The online poster making tool Fotor also has its own improved versions for a very low cost if you want to experience more benefits. In the free version, the design photos will have Fotor’s watermark and you should take note of this.

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This is an online poster design tool we should not miss. You can create professional power points, impressive infographics or in-depth reports with Visme. Of course, they also have thousands of designs for you to easily choose to best suit your needs.

Poster Making

However, with a Visme free account you can only design up to 3 products and at the same time, the number of samples to choose from is also limited. The file extension format for downloading will be JPG and PNG.


This is a free online poster making a website with a rich stock of templates and templates. The website allows users to combine fonts, backgrounds and layouts to create their own artwork. Canva is also highly appreciated by professionals and the majority of users because it can produce beautiful and effective products.

You can create an account to use Canva through Google or Facebook. And if you’ve ever designed a banner or cover art, you know how great this tool is. You have options to upload your own photos. Canva also provides special effects and tools to make your photos perfect.

In addition, online poster websites have some disadvantages such as:

  • To use beautiful templates, you will have to purchase a premium account. According to Fedu.vn experience, the free templates of Canva have the highest availability.
  • Support for very few Vietnamese fonts. Therefore, sometimes you have to sacrifice a very nice font in accordance with the built-in template to switch to fonts that can be typed in Vietnamese.

However, with this huge database of 7 user-friendly online poster making tools, you can unleash to design your own posters for life. Experience all the websites that Fedu.vn shares, because all of them are really great.

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