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7 Best Peps Mattress Health Benefits

Checking out memory foam, latex or hybrid mattresses and comparing the Durfi, Wakefit and Peps mattress prices available in the market and still wondering whether to invest in a good quality branded mattress? You are in the right place.

A suitable mattress is much more than just comfort, and with a good quality mattress, you’re likely to witness plenty of improvements to your overall health. Here is a list of the seven health benefits that you can expect from your Peps mattress:

Good spinal alignment

Suitable memory foam or hybrid mattress will support each part of your body correctly. Without the balanced weight distribution, your lower back section won’t get sufficient support, resulting in your spine not getting rest in a neutral position. Incorrect spinal alignment can lead to plenty of problems over the period, including chronic pain.

Peps Mattress

In most cases where sleepers are not getting the proper level of support, the likely culprit in most cases would be an unsuitable mattress that is too soft for the sleeper.

A bad quality spring mattress can cause the body weight to lean too heavily on their hips and shoulders, ending in muscle tension in their unsupported lumbar area. To avoid such an unpleasant experience, select a memory foam, hybrid mattress or any other model from a reputed brand like Peps mattress or Durfi that supports the natural curve of your spine.

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Peps mattress can improve cognition and memory

The effects of a creaky, lumpy or saggy mattress on sleep are generally well known. While a good night’s sleep is often considered merely an opportunity for rest, in reality, it is much more than that. A night of proper sound sleep is crucial for stabilising memories and improving our brain’s capability to preserve information.

If you frequently feel ‘hazy’ or notice that you keep forgetting things throughout the day, then a lousy quality mattress may be one of the reasons to blame. Optimising your sleeping pad for a good night’s sleep equips your brain to remember and process the large amounts of knowledge you received throughout your day.

Counter your pain

If a sleeper is experiencing back or joint pain regularly even after taking 6-8 hours of sleep, then there’s a reasonable possibility that your mattress is the actual culprit.

Proper alignment is necessary for pain-free sleep, and your sleeping pad should offer you adequate spine support in a straight line during the night. A good quality Peps mattress eases the stress at the pressure points while supporting your posture to prevent pain.

Tackle snoring

Someone starts snoring during sleep when their airway is partially obstructed. It’s usually linked with sleeping on your back, but a bad quality mattress could also be moderately responsible.

If the unsuitable mattress sags too much when you’re resting on it, it won’t adequately support your neck and back, and this will lead to your throat getting constricted, and the snoring will start. If you wish to have a snore-free slumber, opt for a medium-firm hybrid mattress from the house of Peps, Durfi, Springtek or some other reputed brands.

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Stop your tossing and turning

We all have experienced that bad feeling when our night’s sleep gets suddenly interrupted. Regular turning and tossing greatly affect our sleep quality, especially if sleeping next to a partner.

Such scenarios mainly arise because rolling over creates ‘motion waves’, which get transferred through your bad quality mattress. Whereas a good quality firm mattress from the hose of Durfi or Peps will absorb these waves, so even if your bed partner tosses or turns over or gets up from the bed, you’re less likely to get disturbed.

Manage your stress levels

A healthy and good quality sleep can help you to manage your stress levels. When you’re not getting sufficient sleep, your body starts producing more stress hormones, which leads to an increase in your blood pressure that is not ideal for feeling calm. A regular deep sleep aided by a good quality Peps or Durfi mattress helps to keep your mood relaxed and your blood pressure low.

Control your allergy symptoms

A good quality Durfi or Peps mattress has a denser structure that helps curb the allergy-causing mites since there’s insufficient room for them to live. And you may see a decline in hay fever-like symptoms – more snoozing and fewer sneezes!

You can now check the memory foam, latex and hybrid mattress features to pick the perfect one suitable for your needs. You can also compare the Peps mattress prices online on the EMI Store and take advantage of their exclusive deals.

The Smart way of purchasing your Peps hybrid mattress

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