7 Best Features of Docebo eLearning Platform

Docebo is one of the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are available on the market today. The eLearning course management software offers software training to students, trainers and instructors who wish to establish and maintain the learning outcomes in their classrooms.

The eLearning platform is ideal for both sales and coaching support. The platform is used by professionals in educational institutions, business and government sectors and even by schools and colleges. There are lots of Docebo courses that provide information about the different aspects of eLearning.

In addition, the eLearning platform offers a wide range of modules and components that makes it more affordable to implement and manage an eLearning experience. One of the most important advantages of using the Docebo elearning platform is that it makes it easy to develop instructional and project-based programs for eLearning.

The Docebo eLearning platform also uses an intelligent delivery model that enables the fast and secure delivery of its courses

Docebo eLearning platform

It has a personalized mobile learning

This keep employee, partners and customers aligned to your brand and your learning activities beyond the desktop with a first-to-market personalized mobile learning solution. Today, almost 2/3 of all digital media is viewed on smartphones. Meanwhile, 2 of every 3 learners say accessing learning content from a mobile device is essential to their development.

  • This access knowledge at the point of need: Mobility improves your capacity to get the right information to learners at the point of need. When learners have direct access to a mobile solution, they are never more than a click away from the information they need, no matter their location.
  • It accelerates knowledge exchange: Enable learners to play a role in the learning content creation process by encouraging them to create instructional videos, shot on their mobile phones. Doing so alleviates content creation pressures on admins while accelerating knowledge exchange rooted via experiential learning.
  • It has uninterrupted learning: This is a native mobile app that produces frictionless, uninterrupted experiences for your learners. Learners can even take training courses while offline, with progress automatically tracked and synced with their Docebo learning platform when backing online.
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The Learning Management Systems (LMS) uses integration and API to enhance users learning platform

Docebo eLearning platform

There are over 30 off-the-shelf integrations and REST API’s give you the ability to utilize integrations in a way that maximizes data flow between your learning platform and your enterprise applications to deliver actionable insights guaranteed to improve your L&D programs and overall business performance.

It makes mobile learning the users’ own

On-demand app builder provides app structure based on the award-winning Docebo Go.Learn mobile learning app, Professional Services and branding personalization to deliver a continuous, AI-powered social learning experience.

It empower the learners anywhere, anytime

Users can brand their app and publish it in the Apple or Google Play stores to better reflect your corporate identity within your mobile learning activities with no need for a third-party app developer.

Docebo can power your partner channels with continuous learning

Reach further across your extended enterprise with a frictionless and uninterrupted learning experience that spans multiple devices and modalities.

Increase customer adoption

It provides a familiar, learner-centric experience for your partners and customers with your own app name, publisher name, logo, and branding, so they search for your brand, not Docebo.

No external stakeholders or services required

Design the look and feel of your mobile learning app – no coding skills required. Build and update your app with Professional Services support, plus upgrades and improvements from Docebo.

It is quite essential to choose the right learning management system, especially if you want to customize the modules of your courses, but there are also some disadvantages of using this type of program. There are many reviews and opinions available about the Docebo platform that could help you find out if this is the right tool for you.

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Many students and instructors find that using the Docebo platform is very useful because they will be able to create and distribute their own content for Docebo courses. The only drawback is that the system has no resources management component. In the same way, the Learning Management System (LMS) would not have an eLearning platform.

However, the Docebo platform can be used for eLearning purposes, such as

Docebo eLearning platform

Some LMSs have a “load and deliver” feature that allows a user to load their own text and images for eLearning. Since the Docebo platform does not have any eLearning components, this function is not available.

For the same reason, there are not many options for integration with existing eLearning programs. However, since the Docebo platform uses Elearning Standards, it is possible to integrate the Docebo platform with existing eLearning content. You can download a product brochure on the website.

The biggest disadvantage of using the Docebo platform is that it is limited in terms of access control. The Docebo platform does not allow for the creation of new or personal notes for the users, and all notes will be stored in the System Account.

Many corporate organizations have to spend a lot of money for their employees to have access to these content. Therefore, Docebo makes the learning management system somewhat impractical for large companies.

The platform is a good alternative for use in eLearning systems for small, medium and large companies. This will allow your company to have access to eLearning content and as well as the resources that are necessary to access that content.

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