7 Best Dropshipping Business Ads Optimization Tips

Dropshipping business is all about selling merchandise to your customer without holding any inventory. If any customer purchases an item from your eCommerce store at a retail price, you will need to forward the order to a supplier, for which you will pay the wholesale price.

Once the supplier receives the order, they will then ship the item directly to the customer under your business name while you earn the profit margin. All you need to do is set up the retail website, find customers, and handle customer support.

The dropshipping business is also a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

About 68% of consumers online use Facebook which generates over $16 billion in ad revenue a year. But, what does that have to do with users’ business? There are more competitions than ever.

It is continually getting harder to compete. Combining that with fleeting attention spans and you will start to get a clear picture. But despite the vast number of Facebook users, it cannot be the only place where to advertise your dropshipping business.

What is the dropshipping business alternative Ads available

First, you need to understand that most Facebook users are on the platform only for entertainment. They are not there to buy anything. Many of the ads fall on deaf ears despite being well-written and optimized. The same is true for other forms of social media advertising.

Most people join and engage with those platforms for the social aspect of it. They prefer catching up with friends and family or looking at pretty pictures. Most Facebook users have little to no commercial intent. But, just think about how you behave on search engines. You know what you want and you are looking for the best possible solution.

Your credit card is probably sitting on your desk ready for you to decide. Search engines are in the market of giving online users what they want. So, queries with high commercial intent display products that help solve users’ problems.

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When you search for “Nike running shoes”, you infer that you’re ready to buy a new pair of shoes. Search engines know this and do their best to give you what you just shared.

Is Dropshipping Worth It?

Dropshipping business has been around for many years and has grown beyond what most online business sceptics predicted. With a dropshipping business, you never have to handle any inventory. Instead, you will just need to set up an online store and list goods from your dropshipping business supplier.

When customers place orders, you share the orders with your dropshipping business supplier, and they send the products directly to your customers. In a nutshell, dropshipping business is certainly worth it. You only need to find a way to make your dropshipping business store stand out.

Best Dropshipping Business Ads Alternative

Just pretend you want to buy a new cocktail dress. You head to Google and search for “wine cocktail dress”. One of the first things you see is a horizontal list of popular products. One of them will surely catch your eye so you will click on it.

Dropshipping Business

You will end up buying it and going about your day. Now, flip that example upside down. You dropship different cocktail dresses through your eCommerce store. You will want your products to show up there.

Why? Because the people seeing your product have commercial intent. They are ready to buy a dress, they told Google what they want and Google delivered it to them.

Let’s talk about the Google Product Listing Ads

Google product listing Ads are unique because they show detailed information about your products. They also tend to be cost-effective because they use a cost per click (CPC) structure. This means you do not pay anything unless someone clicks on your product listing.

Getting started with Google product listing Ads can be tricky, especially if advertising is new to you. But, following these best practices and you will be on your way to success.

Get familiarize with the Google Merchant Center

This is a tool that helps you to upload your product listings for use with Google Shopping, Google Product Ads, and Google Commerce Search. You will manage product information within the Google Merchant Center.

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Google has a special attribute format they need for the process to run well. Keep in mind that ads are auto-generated using what’s in your product feed. Please note that to advertise your products on Google Shopping, you will need to book Product Listing Ads with Google.

This is a paid-for service powered by Google Adwords where you will pay per click when advertising your products on Google Shopping.

To use Google Merchant Center, you must first sign up for an account with Google. If you already have an account with Google (like Gmail), visit Google Merchant Center and sign in to get started. You will be able to upload the feed of your products to Google Merchant Center to start listing them.

  • You will first need to make sure your products comply with Google Merchant Center’s specifications. You can find out what you need to do, on this guide about product specification.
  • Then, you will be able to upload your feed to your Google Merchant account by following the steps on this guide.
  • Once you have successfully uploaded your products, you will then need to set up your Product Listing Ads. You can see how to do this on Google’s instructional video.

What next after registration

After registration on Google Merchant Center, you will need to pay attention to the required attributes and keep your data feed up-to-date

Managing Your Product Feed: How you manage your feed depends on the number of products you have and your budget. A successful campaign relies on up-to-date prices, quantities, and product information.
Use High-Quality Images: No exceptions, images are what make product listings stand out. Additionally, they’re the only way consumers get to see your products. Poor images can’t compete with professional ones. And, they also reflect poorly on your business.

Use Accurate Keyword-Rich Titles and Descriptions: Google product listing Ads don’t use specific keywords for ad placement. So, it’s vital to use keywords in your product titles and descriptions. They should flow naturally and be descriptive. Your product categories may also help determine relevancy. The goal is not to game the system. It is to give an accurate description of your products so Google knows what to show when.

Understanding the Ad Groups if You Offer a Lot of Products: Ad groups allow you to organize your products. If you have a handful of products, they’re not going to do much for you. But, if you sell hundreds of items, ad groups let you keep things tidy. A logical place to start is with the categories you use on your website. It may also be beneficial to group things by profit margin so you can place bids with ease.

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Please Note: Google doesn’t care about ad groups nor do they don’t affect ad placement.

Optimizing Your Bids Based on Profit Margins and Competition: Categories and industries with high competition are going to have a high price tag. But, if ads are done correctly, the money you make outweighs what you pay.
Returning your investment and then some: This is why using ad groups effectively is beneficial. It makes it easy to optimize your bids based on how much you can afford to pay and still make money.

Automating Your Dropshipping Business: Today, using Google product listing Ads as an alternative to Facebook ads is just the beginning. After you get your orders you need to ship them out and to do that you need a reliable supplier and a regular fulfilment process.

You can try Yakkyofy’s services to help you source your products in China directly from factories at a B2B price. Provide you, personalized boxes and labels, and fast shipping within 3-12 days in most EU and North American countries.

Thanks to his integration with Shopify and Woocommerce, Yakkyofy helps you to manage and automate completely your fulfilment process, to drop ship products with private labels and send out tracking numbers as soon as your order is fulfilled.

Dropshipping automation equals freedom and time to do more of the things that matter. Yakkyofy knows the importance of easy automation in today’s complex tech world. So, what’re you waiting for?

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