6 Websites to Borrow Bitcoin Free With no Collateral

The best place to borrow Bitcoin is through an online service that matches lenders and borrowers. You can borrow Bitcoin without going through a platform by visiting online forums and directly dealing with individual dealers. You might not have to pay a platform fee, but it is much riskier for both the borrower and the Bitcoin lender. This is so because it is even harder to verify someone’s identification on a forum. And if something goes wrong, you might not have legal recourse to get your money back.

To really understand how to go through the process to borrow Bitcoin online, you will need to understand what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that operates entirely online. It is decentralized, meaning no particular organization, individual or country controls it. This simply allows Bitcoin users to make direct transactions between one another without a 3rd party like a financial institution getting involved in the transaction.

The Bitcoin loans transactions are recorded and published on an electronic ledger called a blockchain, which anyone can get access to. The blockchain relies on several anonymous computers called miners to verify the legitimacy of the loans transactions before they join the blockchain to prevent fraud. Rather than the blockchain existing on one server, leaving it vulnerable to hackers, it is distributed to all Bitcoin users globally.

The Websites to Borrow Bitcoin without Collateral

 Borrow Bitcoin Free


The is the first-ever crypto lending platform to offer Bitcoin loans (BTC to USD and BTC to EUR etc.) backed by altcoins. Bitcoin lending is for the active Hodlers that want to get more BTC in their portfolio and benefit from its growth without selling any altcoins. Hedge altcoins on YouHodler with an instant BTC loan and profit from BTC pumps and dumps simultaneously.

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto in the world. Bitcoin helped launch a revolution. Helped lead the march from classic FinTech to blockchain technology and decentralization. So here are some interesting facts about this popular crypto as well as a quick tutorial on how to borrow Bitcoin or fiat-backed by Bitcoin on YouHodler. By choosing to borrow Bitcoin on YouHodler and using Bitcoin as collateral, crypto investors do not risk losing any potential growth in the future as they would be selling it.

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Even if you have never received a Bitcoin loan before, getting a Bitcoin loan is incredibly easy. All you need is a Bitcoin balance and a YouHodler account. You can convert the Bitcoin you borrowed to altcoins (to diversify your portfolio) as well as instantly withdraw borrowed cash to your credit card or bank account. You can use your Bitcoin to hedge or leverage your portfolio for maximum protection and growth depending on market conditions. If you would like to learn more about BTC loans and detailed steps on how to get one on YouHodler,


This is a peer-to-peer lender that offers a unique way for people to get the funds needed to grow your business. You submit an application with Bitbond, and investors around the world review your profile to decide whether to finance your loan in whole or in part. Bitbond loans can be funded in bitcoins, US dollars, Euros or Kenyan shillings.

Bitbond is the best when it comes to online sellers on platforms like the eBay and Amazon who are making between $50,000 and $1.5 million per year. You can benefit from Bitbond bank-grade technology and expertise to serve your clients and raise capital in the most efficient way possible. Bitcoin borrowers tend to get financing for things like making bulk purchases, bridging cash flow gaps or trying a new product line. Bitbond allows people to borrow Bitcoin to the tune of $25,000.


This is a New York-based non-banking lender that has raised $1.5 million in seed funding earlier in 2018 from SoFi, Kenetic Capital, and ConsenSys Ventures. This was followed by a massive $52.5 million fundraising round led by Galaxy Digital Ventures. BlockFi is a credible name in the cryptocurrency-backed lending space that one can look at to collateral their Bitcoin and get access to funds in fiat currency. Let’s see how it works.

According to the company, it takes just 2 minutes for you to apply for a Bitcoin loan. Once you submit your application to borrow Bitcoin, the company team will review your application and present the applicant with loan terms in a matter of just a few hours. Once you accept the terms and sends the collateral to BlockFi, the Bitcoin company will wire the loan directly into your Bitcoin wallet.

BlockFi gives owners of other Cryptocurrency like Litecoin, and Ether a great way to get access to funds based on their crypto holdings without having to sell them off. BlockFi rates are also quite competitive, though users will have to be aware of the fact that they might need to post more collateral or pay off the loan in three days if the value of the cryptocurrencies falls substantially.

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This Cryptocurrency company offer instant crypto loans in Bitcoin. Clients can stake their Bitcoin as collateral to borrow Bitcoin in 45+ fiat currencies and across more than 200 jurisdictions. This Instant Bitcoin Crypto Loan will allow investors to hold onto their Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a vast number of holders around the globe who have sat on their Bitcoin holdings while it remains idle for years on end, and not used in any earning capacity.

Nexo can now offer a solution to this problem, by allowing Bitcoin holders to borrow Bitcoin against their existing holdings. In this way, Nexo’s Bitcoin lending service enables holders to build a diverse investment portfolio by leveraging their Bitcoin to acquire a wide array of non-correlated assets. Bitcoin loan could be the difference in securing a larger portfolio net worth in the current crypto market climate. Nexo’s instant loans are also incredibly tax-efficient.


The safest way to make a long term short position on Bitcoin is to borrow Bitcoin from cryptocurrency company like Btcpop. Due to Bitcoin’s nature as a peer-to-peer money, when it comes to getting a Bitcoin loan, peer-to-peer banking is a natural fit. Users keep control of their BTC and don’t turn it over to a banker like traditional banking models. is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency lending platform where unlike a bank where you meet with a banker and he/she tells you the terms,

Btcpop has a peer-to-peer market where depositors choose on a case by case basis whether the risk/reward proposal is sufficient to fund your loan. This makes a win-win situation where depositors remain in control of their funds and only invest in proposals they deem worthwhile. The main benefit when you borrow Bitcoin is the ability to set your own terms and have a predictable payment and interest rate.

For example, if you are trading the long term BTC/ETH pair and have a time preference of years instead of weeks or months for the trade, you can take out a long term loan at a set interest rate. In order to get funded at Btcpop, you will probably have to put up collateral like margin lending, but unlike margin lending, your collateral will have more flexibility and won’t carry the risk of being liquidated than on an exchange.

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This Cryptocurrency platform is providing its users with cash or stable coin loans using cryptocurrencies as collateral to borrow Bitcoin. Salt has integrated Uphold wallets into its own platform, allowing the company’s growing user base to access Uphold’s products through their dashboard. The integration is aimed at streamlining the lending experience for shared users through seamless collateral transfers and loan proceed payouts.

Salt has given its users the flexibility to borrow Bitcoin using their cryptocurrency holdings. With a crypto-backed loan from Salt, Uphold users can unlock liquidity from their crypto assets without having to sell them. Unlike traditional financial institutions, Salt allows customers to use their crypto assets as collateral to secure cash (USD) or borrow Bitcoin in as little as 24 hours.

The company explained that when applying for a loan through Salt, Uphold users can customize their loan by choosing their preferred loan type, loan amount, duration, and Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio with options ranging from 30% to 70%. There are no credit or income checks required and no origination or prepayment fees. Uphold is a digital money platform offering investments and payments services based on blockchain technology.

With more than 1.5 million users globally, Uphold has powered $5.3 billion in transactions. Uphold is also a major member of the Universal Protocol Alliance, a group of like-minded cryptocurrency companies and blockchain organizations that want to connect different digital assets in a single network. Exchange recently listed the Alliance’s Universal Protocol Token (UPT), a mega-utility token offering attractive interest rates when lending and borrowing, lower exchange fees, cashback and discounts on trading.

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