6 Best Share Trading and Stock Trading Online Courses

Are you new share trading? Do you want to learn how to make money in share trading? Do you lack trading skills? To become a smart trader you need to develop essential trading discipline. The knowledge for stock trading empowers readers to understand critical concepts of the stock market and when to buy or sell stocks for profit maximization.

Everyone understands the struggle to make money from stock trading. You may lose money in the stock market if you have knowledge or trading experience. Therefore, those who want to start a career in share trading are required to learn share trading from a certified professional. Becoming rich is no shortcut.

Thus, every trader is required to gain basic knowledge before investing. Stock market fascinates everyone. Finding the right trends, struggling to pick the profitable company share, and using technical indicators to discover resistance and support levels is an enviable experience.

Stock Trading

These small things tempt anyone to fall in love with the study of chart patterns, predicting the stock market etc. IFMC Institute is Delhi’s first stock market institute to develop simplistic trading courses in India. The institute has more than 4.9 google ratings from alumina. It is the only stock market institute to offer to learn in a simplified way. Even a common man can learn to share trading from scratch. IFMC Institute provides both online as well as classroom classes.

Online share trading classes can be taken from the comfort of your home with a set of a computer and a good internet facility. Pre-recorded videos are provided to students in 24+ specialisation. It is the best crash course in the stock market. You do not need any experience to attend an online share trading course. After completing the course students can also apply for jobs in the trading sector.

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Table of Contents

The best share trading and stock trading courses are

Quick Traders Course Online

Quick traders course is a short term stock trading course for beginners. It is an ideal course for beginners who want to learn stock trading in less than 13 hours. The course combines 34 pre-recorded videos. Anyone can learn to share trading through this course. You do not require any background knowledge to take a quick traders course. It is an excellent program where you will learn from starting what is the stock market and how to trade stocks. The validity of the program is 9 months.

Stock Market Course for Traders

The course is for graduates or 10+2 students who have little or basic knowledge of stock trading. It is a 36-hour course segmented into 4 modules. After the program, you will be job-ready. The course consists of 37 pre-recorded videos where the best stock market facility will teach you to improve trading skills. There is no age bar to join the course. You can enrol in the course and enjoy 9 months validity from any remote location.

Options Trading Course by Manish Taneja

Mr Manish Taneja is Sr. Research Analyst at IFMC Institute and brings over 22 years of options trading experience. Options trading is an important topic to investors, traders and students. Anyone can join the course to learn options strategy in less than 10 hours. You can learn how to trade options and how to take control of stocks. The course is divided into 20 videos where Manish Taneja simplifies options trading.

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Uni-Directional Trade Strategies

It is one of the most popular courses worldwide. UDTS is a copyright course of IFMC. The course comprises 14 videos of a total of 7 hours. UDTS is the only online share market course that gives the highest success and accuracy rate in stock trading. In just 3600 rupees one can begin to trade accurately and confidently in the market. The course is in easy language and simple to understand. As compared to very expensive courses UDTS is a complete course for intraday and positional traders

Elliott Wave Theory

Elliot Wave is a significant stock market technical indicator which was discovered by Ralph Nelson Elliot. The theory shows how groups of people behave in a market trend. The course simplifies advanced concepts to Elliott wave theory. It is a 54 minutes course segmented into 5 videos. You will do everything required to master the Elliot wave.

Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis course is an important topic a trader needs to attend if they desire to make profits. During the, you will learn complex technical analysis tools requirements to predict the stock market. Technical analysis course aims to help students learn how to read a chart, patterns, trading psychology, and money-making techniques. This course is a perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. Technical analysis course comprises 24 pre-recorded videos of 12 hours.

Hope this article helped you to evaluate which is the best way to learn to share trading online.

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