6 Best Tips to Build a Social App Like Tinder App

Apps for dating have become very popular in the digital world. There are a lot of apps that can help you meet people and maybe even fall in love. People who want to meet someone special find it much easier to do so with the help of these social apps.

There are a lot of choices, but the Tinder app is a geosocial networking app that has become very popular. The app makes it easy to find new friends with benefits by letting you judge someone’s attractiveness based on their profile picture and a short bio.

Build a Social App

If you’ve decided you want to make your dating app, keep reading for tips on creating a social app like the Tinder app that’s better than any other.

What exactly is a Tinder app?

Tinder is a free social app that lets people meet new people online. With the Tinder app, people can make a profile and add a few photos and a short description of themself.

The social app will then show the user other users nearby who have similar profiles, and the user can quickly swipe right if they like what they see or left if they don’t. You can use Tinder to find dates and also friends with benefits.

How to build a social app like Tinder?

You need to go through the following steps to make your idea for a dating app a reality:

Come up with a good idea

The ideas behind social apps determine how popular and successful they will be in the future. Even if you think your idea is groundbreaking, it’s likely to fail if you don’t research how it solves the problems of your target audience when it comes to finding a match or how it makes them more entertained.

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Knowing what social apps like Tinder are for and ensuring the idea fits within will give users the best experience and performance.

Look into the features and decide on them

It is one of the most creative things you’ll do when making your social app. You can decide on all core features by researching how the competing apps work and paying close attention to their weaknesses and best features.

It would ensure that your social app works well for users, especially in places where users have found problems with other apps.

Pick the right team to work on the project

When you start looking for a team to make a dating app, there are so many self-proclaimed teams that it’s hard to know where to start. But if you end up working with an app development company that doesn’t have relevant knowledge and experience in the same field, you kill the possibility right at the seed phase.

Build Your Social App

You don’t have to do much work during this phase because you already have the features and the right development team. The development team takes care of the process, and all you have to do is stay in touch, give feedback, and suggest changes if needed.

Test and Fix Bugs

It is impossible to complete development without rigorous testing. So that the user won’t have any complaints regarding the social app you build, it’s essential to test and fix any bugs inside and outside the social app.

Put Your Social App Online

After you’ve built and tested the app, it’s time to launch it and let the dating app of your dreams make its mark on the market. The quality of development is up to the app development company. The rest is up to how good you are at marketing.

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Cost of developing a dating app like Tinder?

In real life, it would be hard to put a fixed price on “dating app development” because the total cost of building a social app like Tinder depends a lot on the following things:

  • How many features do you want in your app
  • What kind of app do you want to make
  • How complex your business logic is
  • How long will it take to make

But the cost of building a social app like Tinder is usually between $50,000 to $75,000.

How to earn money from a dating app?

If you’re making a dating app, you’ll probably want to find a way to make money from it. You can do it in many ways. You can make a paid dating app or find other ways to make money from it.

Here, we’ve talked about some of the ways that dating apps like Tinder can make money.


It is one of the best ways dating apps can make money and bring in profit and revenue. People worldwide use dating apps and spend a reasonable amount of time on them. It means that new users and existing users are always seeing the ads. Several industries, like

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Florists
  • Greeting cards, etc.

They are focusing on this group to promote their brands or advertise services that are related to dating services. Cafes and restaurants can also use these social apps to promote their businesses since once someone has a date, they will look for lovely places to go.

So, dating apps can be an excellent way for many businesses in the same industry to get more customers.

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Premium Subscriptions

It is essential for dating apps to make money, where users pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscriptions to use the social apps’ services. In the premium model, you can include video chatting, unlimited swipes, and essential services like chatting.

There can also be a cap on the number of search results so that free members can only see a certain number of results while paid members can see all of them.

eCommerce Integrations

It can be a great way for dating apps to add more ways to choose gifts or send them through the app. It lets people make a lot of money because they can use the app to buy things or send gifts to their matches.

These are the three most common and profitable ways to make money with a dating app.


Building a dating app like Tinder is a big task, but if you do it right, it can also be a great way to make money. To make a dating app like Tinder, you’ll need a solid business plan. Your next step is to find a dating app developer and the right platform for your app. Creating a dating app takes time, so you’ll need patience.

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