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6 Best Scientific Apps for Laboratory Technician

While you may seem you are away from classrooms and laboratories, quarantined homes. Don’t be disheartened, suggested here are certain mobile scientific apps that can be downloaded on your smartphones virtually bringing the same fun back in your lessons homebound.

From physics to chemistry and natural sciences, this app brings fun to any lesson, you only have to download them on your app depending on the requirement of the hour or the assignment at hand. The downloaded virtual labs on the mobile apps allow you to carry just any experiment on your Android phone without disturbing other phone functions. Most can be downloaded free on the google play store.

Here are some Mobile Scientific Apps mentioned in brief

Google’s Science Journal

Yes! Your practical application for science woes ends on Google’s Science Journal, an excellent app for science. It may not be a high-end researcher’s in-depth analytics, but for scholastic classes and children, it proves to be an excellent research laboratory providing even space for recording your progress with the experimental observations and data as you do various things.

It may not be in-depth enough for the everyday researcher. However, it’s more than good enough for students, kids, and little scholars. The App also lets you use sensors on your Android phone to record data. And the greatest thing about the App currently is, it’s free scientific apps.


Curiosity, as the term denotes, has not lost curiosity among the teenagers seeking science and are travel bound freaks. The app is a general information app. It features short articles and videos about a variety of topics on science, psychology and various other topics of which astronomy is the most sought after, as it features the stargazers chart very acceptable for the travel buffs. The scientific apps is customizable which means you see only that stuff you want to. In a small period, it has data of more than a million videos and articles speaking about its popularity. It’s one of the most accessible scientific apps.


Feedly is the rock foundation for news, views and social networking. It is an RSS reader app. It presents an average of all news, views, science blogs sources in one spot. The app gives you a way to keep track of all which would otherwise be difficult keeping in one place. The app has cross-platform support and integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

The scientific app is connect to more than 40 million news feeds, you can really go deep and find the niche content that is specific to your work or passion – this is a big difference from alternatives that feel very shallow and random in the content that is available. From science to business, design to marketing, media and beyond, Feedly helps you discover great feeds that you can organize in your Feedly and read in one place.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides the basics of science apps focused on particular topics. It’s an online learning app with topics that include math, science, economics, and many others. The tons of science information available is mostly for children. The adult and children version in Khan’s Academy is completely free.

The scientific apps will help you to learn using videos, Interactive exercises, and in-depth articles in math (arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, linear algebra), science (biology, chemistry, physics), economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics), humanities (art history, civics, finance, US history, US government and politics, world history), and more (including computer science principles)!


As the word says it, it’s all about NASA and the best science app on Android phones connecting you to NASA and the many things the research station has been doing along with whitelisting its future programs in brief. The greatest use of the scientific apps being, it is free housing more than 14,000 NASA videos, information of the mission and some 2D maps and 3D models of the various planetary bodies in our solar system.

The extensive library of more than 15,000 images can be used as great wallpapers on Android. There aren’t many apps out there with this much astronomy and space stuff.

All-in-One Calculator

The All-in-One Calculator is a lovely looking app device that settles all your problems related to your Mathematical needs. With more than 73 different calculators and unit converters, you can easily find it helpful for subjects like Algebra and Geometry to Health and Finance. And the best part being, all of it is free.


Science is a part of everything. For most people, there is a great opportunity to learn all around us even stuff that we can’t see. These scientific apps are available on your mobile phones, are a guiding light in quarantined times, you just need to say ‘Open the Sesame’ as Alibaba did, and your virtual world should open helping you with the best scientific apps for Android!

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