6 Best Salon Business Apps to Build Online Presence

Amid the pandemic, several salon businesses were shut down. As per the guidelines marked by the government, salon owners have now again resumed their work. While following proper protocols, salon entrepreneurs are taking better control of their customer visits through the salon business apps.

To avoid physical interaction, salon owners can now virtually communicate with each other by taking the help of the salon business apps. This helps to maintain a good atmosphere and removes hassle if there’s any.

With lots of research and study, we have gathered the top 6 salon business apps which simplify the work of salon business owners. If you are planning to start your business or already have one then you should be aware of the following salon business apps.

Effective Salon Business Apps

All these salon businesses apps have helped businesses manage their salon tasks on time and reduce the burden of handling or managing clients expertly.


The advantages of using Salonist software are limitless. Not only does it gain customers in the big count but also this software helps you increase your bookings, profit, and reputed brand value. Salonist works for every salon service such as hairstylist, spa treatment, bridal salon, and much more.

6 Best Salon Business Apps to Build Online Presence

To manage the daily business operation, the salon business app is perfect for different categories including

  • Health clinics
  • Dog grooming Medical spa centres
  • Aesthetic skin clinics

Various features that define Salonist are

  • Appointment management
  • Point of sales
  • Inventory management
  • Notification/alert system
  • Customer or staff management
  • Multi-location access.
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You can get client information at your fingertips with this salon business app. Also, for inventory management, you can easily deal with your customers because the entire information regarding purchasing and selling is displayed on the desktop. To see the remaining stock, you can easily access the application to see inventory management.


The modern solution manages the entire work of the salon in an extremely perfect manner. Versum contains tools that help in smoothly running a business. Whether you want to speed up your tasks, automate tedious tasks, or save time, Versum will help you with just one click.

The most important thing about this software is you can check all your appointments or activities from anywhere (all you will need is internet access). Versum is specially designed for salon staff that helps salon entrepreneurs to

  • Check appointments
  • Inventory sales
  • Customer visits, and much more

So why not try a 14-day FREE trial and join 34,000 satisfied users.

Phorest Go

This is a powerful scheduling and management salon business app. Phorest Go helps salon business owners easily manage and check their appointments with customers from anywhere they want to. This software is easy to use and offers easy access that simplifies the work of salon managers.

Phorest Go supports single and multi businesses at the same time. The appointment feature in this salon business app easily creates new appointments and schedules customer visit time expertly. Salon managers can check and go through the entire salon to see activities on their phones or system.

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Well, to manage work time between staff members, a time slot feature has been added in this software that eliminates any dispute or confusion if any happens.


Along with unlimited appointments, unlimited client emails, unlimited services, MyCuts offer extraordinary features that help this software stand apart from the crowd. The salon business app saves you time and helps in tracking inventory. Salon managers can better manage their business with MyCuts because of its astonishing features.

To manage time, salon managers can easily access the calendar option available in the application. It gives an option to send customized email or text appointment confirmation and reminders. You can also view all appointments booked for each client. To get notified, the salon manager will receive alerts and will be notified.

Salon Iris

This award-winning salon business app caters tremendous benefits and features to salon managers that make their salon work easy and simple. As a salon manager you can sign up for 14 days risk-free trial and no credit card is needed for this (despite time and date, you can cancel at any time).

This fully customized salon online booking website helps salon managers keep a record of their customer visits and salon activities all in one place. Salon entrepreneurs can take salon or spa appointments online 24*7. You can also accept or reject appointments requests from within the application.

Collecting client information from the salon business app becomes easy and Salon Iris easily manages client data. You can send quick texts or emails through the application. When it comes to inventory management, this software works expertly as you can manage your salon’s product inventory. You can even sell products to customers virtually with the help of an inventory management system.

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Setmore salon business app is a free online scheduling platform that makes it easy for salon owners to manage their work in no time. You can book appointments and schedule video meetings with the help of this software. In order to know about customers, you can also easily access customer data at your fingertips, manage multiple staff calendars.

Setmore creates up to 4 staff profiles each with its calendar. If you would like to expand your business shortly, you can also grow your team with up to 20+ staff profiles. For new appointments, you can also get push notifications so that you’ll be alert with the updates.

Wrap Up

In the current digital world, managing salon business has become easy and it’s all because of the salon business apps. Various applications have been mentioned in this blog, so depending on your requirements and preferences, you can pick any application of your choice.

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6 Best Salon Business Apps to Build Online Presence
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