6 Best Must-Have SEO Tools to Watch Out In 2020

Significantly, if you are looking for the top-notch SEO tools for WordPress Developers, you must consider WordPress SEO based plugins, tools and resources that can play a useful tool whilst developing efficient SEO strategies for your website. Furthermore, WordPress Developers and Bloggers tend to face complications whilst choosing SEO tools and resources.

You should select an easy to use, complete feature and affordable SEO tools and techniques with the help of web development companies. Hence, in this article, we have discussed 6 SEO tools as suggested by the leading digital marketing professionals that will massively dominate in 2020.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a powerful SEO tool for analysis and keyword research for your website. With the help of Moz Pro, you may easily find a keyword relatively easier and efficient manner. It enables you to effectively optimize your Web Pages, Incorporate Keywords, Meta Description, and Track Your Rankings, etc as pertained by web development companies. It is quite efficient SEO tools and resources for WordPress element to find link-based opportunities and crawling and audit for your website.


SpyFu is considered one of the best SEO tools and resources for WordPress Developers that enables you to keep track of paid and free keywords for optimization purposes using SEO analysis conducted by diversified web development companies. It primarily allows you to research competitor’s keywords and backlinks opportunities and tactics.

It is also performed on-page SEO audits and analysis keyword-based densities. Furthermore, it also delivers a free trial period along with free SEO basic plans and packages.

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Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool for monitoring your website. It also acts as a backlinks audit to analyze your competitors such as web development companies. You can also use it to identify individual keywords, total organic visibility, and rank of your site. It is mainly compiled with features such as keyword search volume, position history, traffic instances and many more.

LinkOkay (Bonus)

This is a must-have SEO backlink monitoring tool for freelance blogger and content marketers who are really serious about tracking their website backlinks and see if all the links are working and none is broken in other to avoid link penalties.

Link penalties can result from spam, low-quality, irrelevant, unnatural, repetitive or otherwise bad links in your website’s link profile. Google always clarify these links as violations of the Google webmaster quality guidelines, and as attempts to manipulate your site’s rankings to your advantage with artificial link schemes.


KWFinder is one of the free SEO tools and resources for WordPress that allows you to find the rank of your website for a keyword research tool with the essence of web development companies.

6 Best Must-Have SEO Tools to Watch Out In 2020

It allows you to research about the long tail and short tail keywords concerned with competitor analysis to rank higher on the search engines. It also provides business insights about keywords search volume and makes it highly competitive across the digital landscape.


Primarily, Uber suggest is a rapidly emerging and free keyword finder tool that is developed by the renowned entrepreneur, Neil Patel. It is user-friendly and a great resource for auditing purposes that analyzes your backlinks as well as ranking factors as entitled by web development companies.

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It helps you to find keyword densities, identify and track Google Ranks, properly analyze SERPs and many more. Primarily, Uber is one of the best SEO tools for WordPress when it comes to analyzing your competitors allows you to monitor their keywords and link building strategies.


SEMrush is considered as one of the most resourceful SEO tools and resources that help you to boost the ranking of your blogs. Seemingly, the free plan consists of a lot of useful features needed to rank your website.

The foremost aspect of SEMrush is that it comes with an SEO analysis tool focusing on organic keyword insights and many more. This comes with advanced tools to help you with tremendous marketing strategies and online visibility techniques.

Final Words on the Best SEO Tools

In a nutshell, SEO tools enable WordPress Developers to clearly identify the merits and demerits of SEO-driven websites. With the advancement of digital marketing trends and technologies, SEO has become an integral aspect that is transforming the standards of entrepreneurship and startup businesses. Hence, the trends of SEO will help you to boost your brand identity to the next level.

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6 Best Must-Have SEO Tools to Watch Out In 2020
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