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6 Best Benefits of Using the Office Manager Applications

Office manager applications have gained a lot of attention in recent days because of various reasons. It is highly recommended for people to consider using the advanced technology options available in the market because it’s been tested by various types of functional testing and also it helps them to save ample amounts of time in an easy way.

Most of the modern-day users prefer using advanced technology computers along with updated office manager applications because it lets them enjoy better features with a lot of accuracies. The tools are generally developed in order to automate the process without affecting the performance.

Most of the modern-day tools are being tested in various stages because it helps them to offer maximum performance for the end-user for a long span of time. A regular set of updates play a crucial role for every user because he or she ends up getting new and unique options to perform the same task in an effective way. It is necessary to consider some of the benefits before buying or using an office manager application because it gives a fair idea in terms of operations from time to time.

Some of the benefits of using office manager applications

Office Manager App

Ease of Use

The LOMAS Client Write Up system makes accounting faster and easier than ever with intuitive commands, plenty of defaults, and help functions that guide you every step of the way. And our easy to use menus make using our products as easy as ordering dinner.

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Perfectly Posted Transactions

Produce perfectly posted financial reports that meet your needs exactly. Have you ever produced final reports for a client with incorrect dates, misspellings in transaction descriptions, or amounts that were just plain wrong?

Well with the LOMAS you can fix those nagging little typos or back out and re-enter erroneous information. Welcome to the world of perfectly posted transactions. Changing wrong dates, spelling errors or incorrect amounts after they have been posted is a snap.

Professional Looking Financial Statements

Your product is your client’s financial statements. And with LOMAS those financial statements can look like a million bucks. Use multiple line account labels, true single and double underlining, compressed print, dollar signs, and title pages. Statements can list accounts in any order, combine accounts into one line item and include account detail, cumulative summaries, ratios. Prior Year Comparatives and/or Budgeted Amounts as necessary.

Customized Financial Statements

Customize the financial statement format to suit your client’s needs. LOMAS allows an unlimited number of statement formats to meet even the most demanding needs. And with our statement cloning capability you need only copy any existing statement format and modify it to meet your requirements.

Profit Centers

If your clients’ businesses include branch offices, rental properties, a chain of stores, or if they use logical divisions of any kind for reporting purposes, you’re going to love our Profit Center features. Individual or combined Income Statements are trouble-free, and adding a new Profit Center is a snap. Just tell General Ledger which of the existing centres to use as a pattern and you’re ready to start posting.

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Import/Export Capabilities

Import/export ASCII data files to and from spreadsheets, databases, and other software packages. When you import ASCII data, you frequently have to be compelled to make some changes for Access to handle the information properly. Open the database into which you would like to import a table.

Tables selected within the list of object types, right-click anywhere within the Navigation Pane and choose Import from the context menu. (Alternatively, you’ll be able to select computer file from the Import & Link group on the External Data tab of the Ribbon).

A flyout menu appears. After you import a table, you must open it and examine its data. You might want to change a number of the sector types to create them the acceptable Access data types. For example, the table you imported from won’t have had a currency type.

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