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5 Ways to Improve Presentations Through Zoom

The pandemic that we are in has changed a lot about our way of life. In addition to wearing masks for safety, reports show that more and more stores are offering home delivery services for customers than ever. On top of those things, more children are learning virtually, and adults are working remotely.

Seemingly overnight, everyone learned how to operate Zoom for presentations,s to attend worship and office meetings. Continue reading to discover five ways to improve your presentations on Zoom and some devices that will make presenting online easier.

Improve your Presentations Through Zoom

It is no secret that Zoom and platforms for video conferencing and project presentations have become staples across the world. They have been a lifesaver for businesses that continued to operate during the worst of the pandemic. Although technical issues are impossible to foresee, having a smooth presentation is always the goal.

Some ways to go about your presentations are:

Use Graphics That Everyone Will Understand

When you are preparing for your presentation, you may need to prepare PowerPoint slides that you will show the audience. That may include graphics, charts, and other graphs that those attending your display will need to view. Since it is hard to know how your graphs are viewed when you share your screen, the best thing to do is keep the presentation simple.

Some tips for presenting a slide show that has graphs include:

  • Share your entire screen/desktop
  • Share the editing window
  • Share your slide show window
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Get Devices That Are Easy to Use for Presentation

Of course, having a good computer and internet is essential for working remotely. However, if you are the presenter of a presentation, you may need other devices to make your presentation more efficient.

Those devices for presentations include Bose headphones to ensure that you hear every question or concern expressed as you present, a steady ring light, a detachable camera, and other equipment.

Your job as a presenter is having these devices for presentations and knowing how to properly set them up to make your presentations stand out.

Make your Presentation Interactive

We have all been in a meeting or presentation where we wanted to fall asleep. In addition to the speaker’s voice, the dull material being presented was a snoozer. Therefore, preparing an interactive Zoom presentation will keep your audience alert and engaged in the information presented. Some ideas for preparing an interactive presentation are:

  • Ask the audience to use thumbs up or down in the chat
  • Ask questions and call on participants
  • Share your screen with a video during the presentation

Minimize Interruptions

Everyone knows and understands that while we are working from home for safety, children are home from daycare or school for the same reasons. Everyone also knows it is hard to control children. That is why there are smiles when small children burst on-screen during presentations. However, there are some things that you can do to minimize interruptions.

When you have a scheduled presentation, try to arrange for small children to be napping or busy. You can also put pets outdoors or in another room to avoid barking or whining. Also, put your cell phone on do not disturb so that you can get through your presentation without it ringing.

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Reduce Background Distractions

If you are working from home and a presenter of a presentation on Zoom, you are probably already nervous about ensuring that everything goes right. However, everything could go perfectly and your presentation could be top-notch and people can still be distracted.

Unless you have a designated home office, your home is where you and your family live. When you are presenting from home, one way to avoid distractions is to be mindful of what is in your background. Unfortunately, almost anything can be a distraction so having nothing there is almost impossible.

Therefore, if you don’t have a designed home office, some tips to avoid distractions are:

  • Use a room with little traffic
  • Hide yourself and your background
  • Get a solid-coloured backdrop

As you have read, presenting on Zoom has become more popular during the pandemic. The five tips listed above are a great place to start if you are presenting a presentation soon.

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