5 Ways to Ensure Effective Task Management Tracking

Task management is a comprehensive approach to managing a project throughout its life cycle from initial idea through testing, monitoring, and finally delivery. In essence, it is the method of organizing a task such that it integrates smoothly with other tasks and objectives.

Post pandemic, remote working has become a new norm among working professionals. According to a report, 69% of companies have allowed their employees to work remotely due to their increasing demand. Employees prefer remote working as it provides a balanced work-life and is cost-effective.

5 Ways to Ensure Effective Task Management Tracking

With this new norm companies also find it easy to go through the process while managers find it difficult to track and access remote working. To make the process handy, task management software can work best! With the available online management tools, it is now easy for managers to keep track of their remote employees and ensure efficient task management.

The most effective task management app will support both search and filtering options and provide a rich array of reporting functions. Many task management apps include powerful reporting functions such as

  • Custom reports
  • Historical charts
  • Custom widget reports
  • VBA

Some popular reporting functions include clicks, dashboard, and workflow. Depending on the task manager’s inbuilt functionality task managers may use one or more of these different types of features.

Here are 5 effective ways to ensure effective task management

If you are interested in career development, you probably already understand how important it is to manage tasks and projects. However, what many people do not realize is that effective project management requires a good understanding of task management as well.

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Task allocation

Whether it’s remote working or working from the office – a manager needs to allocate tasks wisely. Task allocation makes the task completion handy. With the help of task management software, managers can easily allocate the tasks to the team without affecting working hours.

The software allows the user to allocate the tasks with ease and notifies the team about the tasks assigned to them which makes it easy for the team to focus on their task. The process helps the team to focus on their assigned tasks and saves time of management while working remotely.

Deadline tracking

Missed deadlines always create havoc in the team and the managers find it much difficult to handle such matters. Meeting submission dates are such a herculean task especially for remote working. The key to improve the matter is efficient working and to make the process handy, task management software can be used. The software allows the team to keep a track of upcoming submission dates. It notifies the team about the upcoming important dates and helps them to avoid missed deadlines.

Effective time management

Effective time management is the necessity of the current business scenario. Employees can be seen dealing with last-minute rush now and then. So, every business platform needs to practice effective time management.

With the new norm of work from home, time tracking tools can be very effective in tracking remote working of employees. The tool benefits the employees by presenting the data of hours spent on every task and helps them in increasing productivity.

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With the help of online tracking tools, managers would be able to calculate the working hours and make the working plan accordingly. The process makes the remote working efficient and helps the management to boost up productivity with ease.

Real-time Report generation

Report generation is a very convenient way to access the employee’s working schedule. The process helps the management to acquire productivity reports and analyze the progress of work done. With the available online software, management can have real-time automated reports.

The tool saves time and procures better results of the work-flow analysis. With this, the management can have easy access to employees working status within the stipulated time. Real-time reports help the management to plan accordingly and make required changes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Team collaboration

Collaborating with the team is the most essential part of project completion. A manager needs to have regular discussions with the team to generate new ideas and feedback for the ongoing projects. With remote working, managers can go with virtual collaboration with online meeting tools, which provide real-time collaboration for the management to meet and discuss anytime.

The online meeting tools help the team to work efficiently by providing the platform to discuss the queries in real-time without having hour-long meetings. Available online tools can help managers to manage their remote teams successfully.

As the software allows multiple functions which helps the management to keep a track of their team and increase their efficiency with ease. Despite working with several tools, selecting the best one is always a crucial task. When managing remote teams, consider the tools which provide an effective way of managing tasks while improving the employees’ productivity.

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Most importantly, task management app helps managers organize their work by identifying recurring tasks, which are repeatable activities. These activities should be consolidated into a single “main task” and divided into multiple subtasks.

For instance, rather than creating a new task for each piece of writing, one simple way to organize writing tasks is to use a task management app that condenses writing tasks into one “main task” and subtasks for writing, editing, reviewing, etc.

Similarly, rather than creating a new subtask for each piece of data entry, putting together a set of generic data entry tasks, and then organizing them according to the various entry forms, using a task management app makes it easy to perform multiple forms of entry, which results in better organization and quicker data input.

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5 Ways to Ensure Effective Task Management Tracking
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