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5 Ways to Avoid Cyber Crime Fraud Call or Cyber Fraud

Cyber crime-fraud call or cyber fraud can be referred to as any type of deliberate deception of unfair or unlawful gain that occurs on the internet. The most common form is online credit card theft. Cyber fraud can also be referred to as data break-ins, identity theft, and cyberbullying, all of which are seriously damaging.

Do you also get fake calls? Sometimes for closing ATM, sometimes for free gift voucher! You will also get calls. These are fake calls! But let’s know how to avoid them! Technology is advancing as fast as it can in the modern era! Cybercrime is also increasing at a rapid rate. Criminals can make you pauper with just one message and call.

You may or may still have received such calls! Who would ever ask for your personal or bank account number information too! At some point of time, money in your account will be reported to be transferred elsewhere! It is not limited here!

Apart from these, there are many channels that you would have never thought about.

Cyber Fraud
  • For Credit or Debit Card: Your credit or debit card will be closed soon. To keep it running, give Aadhaar card and bank account number. Some similar phone calls come. We also try to give many reasons for gathering account information.
  • Call from Income Tax Department: To collect information in the name of Income Tax Department. Fraudulent phone calls are made. Due to lack of information, usually, people sit on the phone sharing information.
  • Mobile Wallet Scam: The thugs are trying to get personal information by telling themselves to be a well-known mobile wallet worker. Free gift vouchers also give the impression of getting
  • Telecom company: In the name of the company whose SIM you are using, you call a thug in the name of the company. Your number is postpaid or prepaid and informs about the new plan. Then ask for bank account or other information.
  • Fraud from the missed call people picks up the international number ie which does not start with ‘+91’ or call back on it.
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Banking Fraud, know how to avoid Fake Calls?

Cyber Fraud

Usually, criminals try to collect information over the phone! Avoid giving OTP, UPI, bank, debit/credit card information over the phone. No bank or RBI asks for personal information over the phone. Banks always ask us to come to the branch through email or message.

If such calls come! So go to the bank and inquire! Do not get caught in any tempting offers. If you believe that offer! So, ask for his complete information from the company’s official mail ID on your e-mail ID. Do a thorough investigation or get advice from someone.

If they ask for your personal information! Or talk about the offer ending immediately or for a limited time! So this can be a part of cybercrime! The Income Tax Department also does not ask for information on the phone from the taxpayer! If a foreign call comes! And if there is no +91 ahead of it, then do not callback if a missed call is received from that number if the number is known! Only then callback.

Complain here of Fake Phone calls to Cyber Crime?

If you get fake calls! You can complain to the local police department. States can also file complaints with the Consumer Protection Office or the Federal Enforcement Agency. The Federal Enforcement Agency does not act on the complainant’s behalf.

It detects fraud by investigating the complaint and takes action against the company on that basis. If a phone comes from a number that has an international code in front of the number, you can complain on toll-free number 1800110420 or 1963.

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