5 Top Most Mobile App Trends for the eCommerce Industry

Mobile technology has transformed the way we live by managing our daily habits with the emergence of mobile app trends. From banking transactions to online shopping, everything has become possible using mobile apps. People prefer buying online using mobile devices as it is convenient and secure.

The consumer shopping approach has changed completely in the last few years, and mobile commerce will continue to increase in future as well. Mobile commerce has grown from 55% in 2017 to a whopping 73% in 2020.

Over the last six months, 75% of mobile users purchased products using their mobile devices. For eCommerce brands, it is essential to integrate the latest mobile app trends for desired success and being competitive.

No matter which CMS you’re using to sell online, it is a big business loss to ignore mobile consumers. Being an expert in Magento 2 Development, I’ve researched the latest trends in the eCommerce industry. The following mobile app trends will surely dominate in 2021 for the eCommerce industry.

Mobile App Trends for eCommerce in 2021

5 Top Most Mobile App Trends for the eCommerce Industry

Voice Shopping

Siri and Alexa have been popular Voice assistant options in the last few years. Furthermore, voice search has become a popular buying strategy. Voice shopping has already reached $25 billion by 2020. The mobile app trends have a significant impact on mobile commerce, as 30% of adults use voice search at least one time a day.

53% of people make use of voice commands to research products while more than 20% of people use them to purchase online. As an eCommerce store owner, you need to focus on these latest technology trends when competing with eCommerce giants.

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Your website must be compatible with the voice search. Many consumers don’t own a smart speaker but have access to voice search from their mobile devices.

Social Commerce

Social media is serving brands for a very long time to gain exposure and brand awareness. Most of the eCommerce brands are already leveraging the power of social channels. Social media has several other benefits as well which brands face difficulty integrating for converting social traffic into sales.

But social commerce has evolved completely making it simple for brands to convert. Facebook pages and Instagram posts are integrated with URL links giving customers a direct way to purchase products on social media.

Users can click to buy directly, without opening a new browser, navigate straight to your website, and search products with ease. The biggest advantage is the elimination of the pain points in the conversion process.

Mobile Payments

In the last few years, mobile payments have seen immense popularity. Consumers prefer buying using mobile wallets including Apple Pay or Android Pay from a mobile retail app. The reason for its popularity is being quick, safe, and secure buying approach.

Mobile wallets can be used at brick-and-mortar stores having touchless pay capabilities. It’s not a new concept in transactions, but the way its volume is growing is quite exceptional around 60% annually. If we go by facts around $280 billion in mobile payments processed by the end of 2021.

If you’re selling online in 2021, you need to adapt to these popular mobile app trends for your eCommerce transaction. Integration of mobile payment to your eCommerce store will help customers to make payments in their preferred method. It’s also a simple and secure method to process online transactions.

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Chatbots is a great tool to deliver a personalized user experience. Artificial Intelligence helps bots to simulate human interaction and can be integrated within the website to serve customer queries & doubts.

The shoppers get regular support, as well as the level of expertise, is unmatchable, from solving issues and instant response to inquiries. Another key advantage of using automated Chatbots is to aid eCommerce store owners to analyze their business success by measuring customer satisfaction.

The bot is integrated with different tools to rate their conversation to learn how beneficial it is and where it can be improved.

Push Notifications

Magento offers the feature of push notifications to integrate into the website. First of all, it is important to analyze the buying patterns and behaviour of the customers to send notifications. The key objective of PUSH notification is to engage existing and new customers.

In Magento 2, it is simple to communicate with the customers using notifications. The Web Push Notification extension helps to display push notifications. Thus the customer can explore the push notification whenever the browser is open.

It is an essential tool to interact with the customers and get relevant feedback. Brands can hire Magento developers to integrate notification features for long term success. It captures the interests of the shoppers. Thus, building a complete organic customer base in your niche.

Wrapping Up

Mobile app trends will continue to have a significant impact on the eCommerce industry in 2021 as well. As a Magento store owner, it is important to keep a close watch on mobile trends for eCommerce to plan accordingly.

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The simplest approach to keep up with the times and transforming technology is by making your e-commerce website mobile-friendly. This is how shoppers prefer to shop in 2021. All of the trends are pointing in this direction.

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5 Top Most Mobile App Trends for the eCommerce Industry

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