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5 Tips to Boost Online Study during COVID-19 Lockdown

Online study is an educational technology that has to do with a combination of computer software, hardware, and educational theory and practice in facilitating learning. The educational technology using for the online study will create, use, and manages technological processes and educational resources to help improve user academic performance.

Amy, 28, is a bit surprised with an inevitable surge of toys for children under 10 in her mother’s work area. Along with other gizmos, like a coloured hair wig, a bright neon T-shirt, and some more odds and ends lying there, as if, in a bid to pep up a child’s interest, Amy is left surprised too!

Intrigued, Amy decided to have a sneak-peek this evening in her Momma’s room. Amy’s Mother, Ratchel, works with a company that provides online assignment help in Australia and Canada, and her work hours from India are a bit different.

Online Study

Of late Ratchel has been working 24/7 with no weekly offs. Despite her monotonous routine, Ratchel’s interest in working till the late hours of the morning is fathomable, and she is earning $2.50 an hour.

And sure enough, Amy had quietly left the door ajar, after fetching a bottle of water on her mother’s work station. A few minutes later, she watched her mother done on the neon-coloured T-shirt and the giggly-wiggly colourful wig to an online audience of little children. They just awaited Ratchel’s appearance with bated breath.

They loved the look that was so obvious from their cheerful responses and cheers in the greetings of more than 50 children online. And Amy was as excited as the rest of the children to see Ratchel’s class come alive with new ways and techniques to teach and learn, boosting classroom response with innovations, and explaining why those toys were on her table.

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And if you too are wondering what you could do for a chatterbox son of yours, stepped into adulthood and a ‘no jobs’ to offer in the back of beyond areas, put your worries to rest!

You may be under lockdown due to the pandemic Covid-19. Still, with a few rethink on your plans, you could be as good as Ratchel, and probably a better stand-up comedian while teaching, as teaching gets redefined as we go for online study, quarantined, boosting classroom responses only with innovations.

Quarantined, Online Study Take a Redefinition

Innovating New Ideas To Teach

Teachers bid adieu to the teachings where you prepared a small diary a night before to fill with subject, class, chapters to teach, and Notes. The new online demand is to be innovative enough to keep the audience engaged from age 5-25.

And in the bid to do so, the one thing that needs to be updated continuously is your innovative skill to weave stories with as much interest that could intrigue the student of that class as you. You hold on to the subject in hand that is taught with innovative ways to draw and hold the attention on the other side.

Weave Knowledge with histrionics

Knowledge and learning have to be conveyed with ample histrionics as you teach an empty classroom within your four walls. Your only update being the questions and responses that come your way when the classes are done, as not all time are you conducting a cloud classroom zoomed-in.

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There would be classes recorded to be seen later, at a lesser expensive rate as charges online, than when you are logged in with your online study teacher in a zoom classroom.

Weave it slowly, to go fast later

The words have to be chewed in or spoken and written in such a manner that the interest of students is held on conveying the lesson with knowledge, especially for the kindergarten tutorials online. While for the senior classes, the magic of keeping the attention on from straying has to be retained between the subjects taught with a dialogue.

It slips in the classroom between the effective everyday relevant learning topics that the millennials are adept with. For example, updating the online study class with the significance of Apps available online, or the various assignment help available online with established domains, that can be downloaded or availed post lessons on the same chapters that need the practice to be taken for understanding the subject better.

Script Your Online Study Content, to make it attractive

With the class that you are likely to take up, there is scripting to be done prior to the night of the class. To make it full of action, drama, education and a full span of attention that remains held on for at least an hour.

And that requires content to be generated exactly in the same order. While conducting the classroom the subject interest spreads in the same fifteen minutes between, history, geography, wellness, psychology to be back on the subject and all that requires scripting, the content before taking up the class.

Use of Props to hold on the online audience

Like Rachel, props have become a necessary element that has increased visibility in online study content. Little ones in the kindergarten, have a smaller scale of attention span. And to make them hold on to the story encrypted as a lesson for teaching, props are important.

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Maybe a speeding toy car that stops at the red light shown with a zoom, teaches the smaller students the significance of red light, to stop on-road driving, that which they might have forgotten or late quarantined for more than two and a half months.

Summing Up

Coronavirus quarantine boosting online study is not a myth, but a reality to stay as long as nations remain quarantined. And the heads of nations take mammoth steps to curb the pandemic with the essential research for the vaccine that checks it ultimately.

Till then education seeks new dimensions and frontiers to reach the students attached to online classes increasing its figure as many as sending more than 290 million children and youths and more out of school, says data from UNESCO, the United Nation’s cultural agency.

And it clearly mentions “the more and more, the safe way to continue learning is to through online study,” however, in the deal, several remain deprived of the privilege, which is another story!

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