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5 reasons Perodua Myvi is the Most Favorite Car in Malaysia

Perodua Myvi is one vehicle that offers a fuss-free drive. The new Myvi is a good choice for first-time vehicle buyers or people who are on a tight budget. The Perodua Myvi is a B-segment hatchback car in two different variants 1.3litre and a 1.5litre both have naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engines. Its price ranges from RM 42,790 to RM 54,090.

The Perodua Myvi comes with plenty of attractive and interesting features. The new Myvi is 205mm longer than its older counterpart. It is also 30mm lower and 70mm wider. The LED (light-emitting diode) headlights are standard features in all the cars, as is its keyless entry and push the start button. It also contains 15-inch alloy rims.

Perodua Myvi Full Features

Perodua Myvi

Automatic Slack Adjuster)

Checking on, the 1.5 AV comes with automatic slack adjuster a safety feature that automatically engages the brakes if the driver is not reacting fast enough to avoid a potential accident ahead. It is the only car in this range which provides such a feature. The 1.5L version comes with six airbags while the 1.3L comes with four.

Pre-Collision System

The pre-collision warning alerts the driver when it detects a serious risk of a head-on collision. Its pre-collision system applies the brakes when it detects increased risk of a collision with the vehicle ahead. The front departure alert informs the driver when the vehicle in front has moved. A pedal misoperation control suppresses engine output when the driver accidentally stomps the accelerator pedal.

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Spacious Space

The power train is uninspiring and lacking in sophistication. However, that also means that there’s not much that can go wrong. Inside, it is much more spacious than you would expect, with fairly generous legroom in the rear, but that’s also because it has a tiny boot. Perodua has placed a greater priority on legroom in the rear seats than boot size because of usage, i.e., the back seats are used more often than the boot. Most drivers agree that this is true.

Perodua Myvi

Electronic Stability Control

The cheapest 1.3-litre variant comes with electronic stability control as a standard feature. The cabin also has a novel anti-snatch hook for handbags. The interior of the car is attractive compared to other budget vehicles.

Is a City Car

The downside is that the Myvi doesn’t handle fast sweeping corners very well and its ride may sometimes feel firm and bumpy. It is also quite noisy when driven at highway speeds. In other words, it is definitely more of a city or urban vehicle than a long-distance or rural one.

Perodua Myvi Alternatives and Competitors

The other popular B-segment alternatives or competitors to the Perodua Myvi are the Proton Iriz, with a price range of RM 36,700 to RM 50,700, and the Honda Jazz, from RM 70,242 to RM 87,707. The A-segment Kia Picanto, RM 49,888 to RM 57,888, is definitely worth considering as an alternative option even though it is in a smaller category.

The Proton Iriz provides better handling but is smaller inside, and the automatic transmission isn’t as smooth as the Myvi in stop-go urban traffic, which is odd considering that it has CVT (continuously variable transmission). It also has an intuitive ‘Hi Proton’ natural language voice control infotainment system.

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The Honda Jazz provides a lot more space, and its unique Ultra Seats allow the rear seats to fold in many more ways, allowing this little car to carry more cargo than many larger vehicles. It drives and rides better, but it’s also a lot more expensive. There’s a hybrid option too.

There’s also the Kia Picanto. Technically, the Picanto sits one segment lower it is an A-segment car but it’s priced close enough to the Myvi 2020. While smaller, the Picanto provides an outstandingly more refined European-like interior and driving dynamics. Its infotainment system also supports Android Auto and Apple Car Play. This car provides all the comforts at a very reasonable price.

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