Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch with Your Office Colleagues

Are you excited to watch some interesting Netflix movies series with your friends and family? If yes, then we are here with a fantastic guide to give you an article with an intruding and excellent look topped with quality shows and movies that are Netflix Original.

You may watch the Netflix movies with your friends and office colleagues with some fresh popcorn and chilled drinks in the fridge. American Netflix has the most comprehensive libraries of shows and movies high in video quality and storyline. They’re approved by the users in a single go, an excellent benchmark for the producers themselves.

Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch with Your Office Colleagues

But sadly, you cannot access American Netflix libraries outside the US like in Australia, UK, Canada and much more and would need to connect your devices with a secured VPN network with masked IP address and physical location as per the US region, so you’ll get all the US libraries shows and movies in a single go! Isn’t it interesting?

Now let’s move to the main topic of discussion and discuss the best Netflix movies and shows, that can give you the perfect chill!

The Best Netflix Movies Picks for a Perfect Weekend with Colleagues

Curious to read about the best Netflix movie picks for a cherished weekend? No worries, we’re here with a detailed list of the best choices for you!


The first one on the list is You, a very mysterious and thrilling Netflix original series sharing an exciting storyline with a lead role played by Joe, who is a psychopath madly in love with the woman of her wonder.

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Still, as you all know, a psychopath can never inhale the involvement of any other men in their stuff, no matter if it’s their favourite woman or some other tangible thing. The same happened in the series, and ultimately he killed his love with his own hands, giving season one an end leaving the viewers in wonder.

Ultimately, the second season of this Netflix movie initiates with the lead role Joe, again falling in love with another woman. Still, this time the lady is a big psychopath and a chef by profession, so these two ended up falling in love with themselves and marrying each other.

The season then goes on a different move, when these two are expecting their first kid, although Joe being irresistible with his nature, falls for another woman, who is a writer and lives next to him. Interesting no? We can see what will happen further in the third edition of the season and watch it with thrill and fun!

Dark Desire

Secondly, there is Dark Desire, a season consisting of 18 episodes in total, with the thrilling genre, over the series, which is very interesting and eye-catching for the audience. The story shares a unique storyline, where there are four lead characters, a wife and husband, and their daughter, sharing a perfect family relationship.

Being unknown, a person will come into their lives, making the whole scenario shift drastically to worse! A married woman and a mother of one, who is a lecturer in a university, had a fateful weekend away from her family where she gets a chance to satisfy her Dark Desire filled with passion, with a teenage guy, who ultimately falls for her.

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Later they know what life has saved for them, and what the truth behind is to keep them close to each other. Things got messed up when he saw her with their husband and started hitting up her daughter to take revenge. As per him, she cheated her!


Thirdly, we have an ultimate laugher Netflix movie pack filled with the optimistic amount of fun, love, laughter, and friendship bond arousing all over to make the journey of users unforgettable, showing how six friends are enough for each other and can end up in an incredible bond of relationship.

Friends are available on the Netflix movie platform, and viewers still today in 2021 love to watch it when they want to relive their friendship days and remember the quality time they had with their friends and family.

It’s a perfect mix of love, romance, friendship, sorrow, and mystery, so all of these emotions are filled up in a single series, with almost 5+ seasons aired over Netflix in the 90s. Still, it’s always mentioned in the top most-watched series of all time, which is a remarkable winning condition for the show’s producers, actors, and directors.

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes is a new addition to the Netflix Original Series, which was released recently in 2021 with a psychological genre and thrilling itself, making the viewers go jaw drop while streaming their favourite shows over the best platform; Netflix.

A single mother in the series, who enters the life of a twisted mind game, begins to have an affair with her psychiatrist boss, who has a personal experience with someone, giving a betrayal feel to his wife.

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Flower of Evil

Flower of Evil is a Netflix original having Korean actors in lead roles for the viewers, so basically, it’s a Korean Genre with dramatic folds throughout the season. A man hides his cruel past, with many dark secrets stuffed within the past, making the lives of others worse.

However, when he plans to get married, he tries to get rid of his past, although his wife, a detective, tracks down the history without any hassle due to expertise and experience.

Wrap Up

Netflix movie platform is a widely growing entertainment platform, with millions of users joining it every passing day worldwide, making a difference for others.

I tried to come up with all the best shows for you so you may have a peaceful and fantastic time with your friends and office colleagues to maintain a perfect weekend with some thrilling and fun-filled series and movies.

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Top 5 Netflix Movies to Watch with Your Office Colleagues

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