5 Important Reasons Why SSL Certificate India is Essential

With new types of exceedingly urbane cyber crimes, online security is becoming more and more important than ever. Now a lot of significant steps like the introduction of the SSL certificate are being taken for the restoration of digital trust and making a safer web for all users.

In the year 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect. It brought high transparency about collection and share of personal data, redefined the data collection rules and offer users the required control on their personal data.

5 Important Reasons Why SSL Certificate India is Essential

Many vital signs of progress in the data protection sector were made by Google. Google has successfully positioned itself as an authority in the world of cyberspace, which isn’t a surprise as it is one of the renowned search engines and posses a major portion of the market share like about 75%. In the whole world of SEO, it is to focus on another search engine other than Google.

In the website managing having an SSL certificate India installed has become mandatory and strong responsibility. Google has always given importance to web security. In the year 2014, it announced that website with an SSL certificate will surely get a boost in ranking.

In one of the Google Chromium project, it was announced by one company that all HTT websites will be marked as not safe in the chrome browser. The goal of forcing to install SSL certificate is everybody safety. The users should also know that websites that do not have an SSL certificate put their data on risk.

SSL certificates are small files of data that binds digitally the cryptographic key to details of an organization. They are brought from the same providers of email hosting India. When it is installed in the webserver, the padlock is activated along with https protocol and facilitates a safe connection of a web server to a browser.

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In short, we can say SSL certificate India is used for a safe credit card transaction. Transfer of data and logins and nowadays it is used for securing the safety browsing of social media sites.

An SSL certificate India binds

  • A domain name, hostname and server name.
  • The organization identity and location.

An organization is required to install the SSL certificate to its server for initiating a safe session with browsers. Once it is established, the web traffic between the web server and the browser is secured. Once a certificate is installed on the server, the protocol of the application will change to HTTPs and s stands for secure.

Now you must be thinking is SSL important? Do you require SSL? Well! The answer is yes it’s like fastening the seatbelt when driving and putting on the protective eyewear while watching the solar eclipse. If you have a website in 2019, you require SSL. It is no more a luxury but a necessity.

Here are five important benefits of using SSL certificate India

It protects the data

The most important function of an SSL certificate is the protection of communication between the server and the client. Once the SSL is installed all information is encrypted. In simple terms, we can say that all data are locked and can be unlocked when the recipient wants. No one else can open it.

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When all sensitive data like passwords, ID etc are dealt with SSL helps in rendering protection against all acts of the mischievous skimmers and hackers. The encryption technology of SSL certificate diminishes the hacker’s skill.

It verifies the identity

The second important task of an SSL certificate is to offer website authentication. In web security identity verification is very important. Peoples are losing thousands of dollars on fake websites. In this situation, SSL certificates help.

When you wish to install the SSL certificate, you have gone through the validation process by a third party known as a certificate authority. Based on the type of certificate, you and your organization identity are verified.

Once your identity is proved, your website obtains the trust indicator that vouches for your integrity. When users see this, they know with whom they are talking.

This verification ensures that no other imposters make a fake website pretending as you. SSL helps the users in driving them to the real website and saves them from all kinds of frauds thereby increasing reputation.

Good ranking

In the year 2014, Google made some alterations in its algorithm to offer the upper hand to websites that are HTTPS enabled. This has been proved by several studies that have been conducted by SEO experts all over the world.

SSL certificate India assist in satisfying the PCI/ DSS needs

If you are a receiver of online payments, then you must have an idea about PCI compliant. To get online payments, your website should be PCI compliant. Installation of SSL certificate is one of the important need set by PCI.

It helps in enhancing consumer trust

In addition to encryption and authentication, SSL certificates are important from a consumer point of view as well. The easy to recognize signs convey all users that all data they send is secured. Once they know that you are a legit entity, they are more likely to do business or will make a revisit to your website.

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Google has made SSL mandatory from the year 2018.

To offer all users a secured web browsing experience, Google from the year 2018 has made it mandatory for all websites to have SSL installed. It will flag those websites that do not have an SSL certificate.

If any website fails to meet this rule, all the popular web browsers used all over the world like the Google Chrome and the Firefox Mozilla will put penalty by

giving them a message of being not secure n the URL bar. It is also possible in future this website will get blocked. No matter what type of website you have, whether it is a personal blog or a shopping portal, SSL is compulsory and failing to comply by it may lead to loss of visitors.

Will you feel safe, when a browser you have opened is depicted as not safe? It is because it will be shown in all upcoming chrome versions. Although it will not offer100% safety it can reduce the percentage of cybercrimes occurring.

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5 Important Reasons Why SSL Certificate India is Essential

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