Google Ads management is complex. There are many things you need to learn. Google’s privacy policies are still not as strong as they are updating their Ads platform and releasing new Google Ads features. Although the new interface for Google Ads can be difficult to grasp, once you do it will become second nature.

Google was in a heated battle with Amazon over product advertising in 2018. Google Ads management has some cool new features for the marketing . These five Google Ads features are essential for any business, whether it is a digital store or a business.

Let’s look at the key updates of the Google Ads features

The old Google Ads interface was retired by 2019, and you can get the new interface to help you trade better. Google Ads Management has compiled a list of five essential Google Ads features you should use for 2021.

Google Ads’ new interface

Users will need to take time to get used to the new interface for Google Ads management. They will love the interface once they get used to it. The new Google Ads features will allow you to bid on various

  • Call extensions
  • Target income
  • Review new landing pages, and
  • Even promote discounts

Google Ads Management has a new interface that makes all of this possible. The new interface for Google Ads’ management system features a brand new user interface and some amazing controls. Reports of call details are the most popular upgrade to the user interface.

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The older Google Ads interface only showed the levels, but the new interface will allow you to see how long your keywords last. The new interface for Google Ads will give you a cool dashboard that allows you to see all trends.

Extension Promotions

Digital marketing was responsible for more than 150 billion dollars in 2021 alone. What does all this have to do with the extension promotion? The major update to Google Ads features is the promotion extensions.

This will allow you to push your product further. The Google Policy clearly states that extensions rise based on clicks rates. Advertisers strive to reach more customers. Google will do everything for you to ensure that your Google Ads spend is on Google and not Amazon.

Message Extensions

Your landing page should be a masterpiece. Users will likely contact you before they read your page. To make it easy for users to contact you, they will need the “Message Extension” extension from Google Ads. Message extensions play a significant role in the engagement of users to your landing page.

Message extensions are an essential part of landing pages. PPC management can also be used here. Users may click on your page using standard text ads, but interaction is not always 100%. PPC campaign management can help you in a different way. You will find out what your users want if you use the message extension.

Call the Ads only

PPC management works in the form of call-only ads. It is important to know that call-only ads can only be run on . This allows optimization for phone call clicks. Google Ads provides more data than you need to run a campaign with call-only ads.

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You can see these things with the help of call-only ads:

  • How many people click on your site without making a call?
  • What was the duration of each call?
  • How many calls were made?

Google actually designed the call ads to encourage people to call your business and can appear only on devices that make phone calls. When a potential customer clicks your ad, the ad places a call to you from their device.

Call ads can use the same phone numbers that you may already be using in your call extensions. Call reporting which is available only on the Google Search Network uses Google forwarding numbers (GFNs) to measure the performance of your call extension or call ad.

Shopping campaigns

The new Google Ads features provide shopping ads as it is the most effective way to market shopping campaigns. Simple searches can yield a lot of results for your product. Shopping Ads can make a huge difference.

According to the most recent report, 87% of clicks were generated by shopping ads. 60% of shopping ads use non-branded keywords.

Last Remarks

The new Google Ads features have added a lot of improvements to the Google Ads interface in 2021. These tools will hopefully assist you and provide you with a fresh approach.

If you’re struggling to make headway or you want to speed up your Ads campaign, you can schedule an audit with a trained professional and bring your Google Ads Account up to speed. You can also visit the Google support page for more information about the Google Ads features in the Google Ads editor

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