5 Financial Supports After Injury at Work for Workers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, there were over 2 million work-related injuries. Although these injuries at work were non-fatal, that is still an enormous number of injuries. Those injuries leave people hurt and leave them without the ability to do their jobs.

Hence, many workplace injuries create severe financial hardships and many can go without any financial support. Those household finances can create serious struggles and leave a family vulnerable during this time.

Financial Supports

Continue reading to discover some financial supports and benefits that an injured worker can receive. When there has been a workplace injury. Workplace injuries vary, and severity and compensation depend on the nature of the damage.

Some different workplace injuries involve

  • Slip and fall
  • Repetitive motion injury
  • Injured on machinery
  • Being struck by another vehicle
  • Fire or explosion

It would make sense that there wouldn’t be much paperwork involved when there is an injury in the workplace. After all, it happened on the job. However, it is detailed, but there is a lot of pushback for benefits from work-related injuries.

Therefore, this exhaustive list of financial support and benefits that can be received if a person is involved in a workplace injury is below.

Medical Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, you will likely rack up medical bills. Even with a deductible, your bills can escalate, putting a dent in your savings account. Medical financial support can include

  • Medication
  • Hospitalizations
  • Equipment like a wheelchair, and
  • Other treatments necessary due to your injury
  • You can also get financial supports for physical therapy that you may need for your injury
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If you are injured at work, there are some things that you should do now so that you can receive medical compensation. These include

  • Seeking treatment immediately after the accident
  • Going to a reputable hospital or doctor’s office

Going through with following the advice given, such as therapy or seeing a specialist. These tips will ensure that you receive financial support, medical compensation.

Industrial Disability Retirement

Although many people can do a job after an injury at work, some become incapacitated to work in their industry. Industrial disability retirement, also called IDR, is available in those cases. It is usually available after a person has received disability for a while and realizes that they will not return to work due to their injuries.

Employees who typically need this type of financial benefit include

  • Firefighters
  • Police officers
  • Various other first responders who are not able to return to their jobs after injuries

Many find that they have to hire attorneys to get them through the paperwork process to receive benefits.

Wage Replacement Income

If you have been injured on your job and either cannot perform your duties full-time or find that you cannot work at all, you are entitled to wage replacement income. Wait, replacement income replaces what you lose due to your injury.

For an injured worker, falling into one of the three categories will allow you to receive wage replacement income.

  • You lose all income because your injuries stop you from working.
  • You lose part of your income because you cannot work full-time due to your injuries.
  • You make less than you used to make due to your injuries.
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Vocational Rehabilitation

If you have an injury on your job but have the ability and drive to do something else, you are entitled to vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation is a service that is available and helps injured workers overcome barriers to assessing, maintaining, returning to work, and being productive employees.

Whether you are going to take a new job in the company or work somewhere else, your job’s ability and desire to help you gain skills for a new job should be evident. They have a continuing duty to provide you for the injury you sustained at their workplace as a whole person.

Other Programs

There is also another group of employees entitled to financial support and benefits if they become injured based on the type of work they did. These employees are covered under

  • Longshore and Harbor Workers
  • Federal Black Lung Programs
  • Energy Employees Occupational Compensation Programs

If injured on the job, they should contact the compensation program for these groups. As you have read, workplace injuries happen often.

However, understanding that there are different types of financial compensation due to the injured party reduces the stress and financial hardships caused by injury. Five ways to receive compensation are listed above.

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