5 Corporate Charge Card Benefits for Employers

A corporate charge card stands out as a key part of a business since you can use the card to cover various costs. However, you may want to know which types of costs you can use the card for to avoid unnecessary problems.

Corporate credit cards can be used by multiple employees to charge items to their employer. The corporate charge cards do not require a personal guarantee from business owners in the event of non-repayment unlike business credit cards with more than one authorized user.

Corporate Charge Card

With this in mind, you should research uses for corporate charge cards, so you don’t end up using them for the wrong reasons.

Paying for Clients

As you run your business, you need to make purchases to help your clients. For example, if you plan to leave a good impression on your clients, you should take them to dinner. Since these purchases contribute to the business and help you secure more sales, you can use the corporate charge card on them.

This applies to any purchase you need to make for a client. Since clients help your business with its success, most corporate entities won’t mind when you use the charge card to build relationships with these people. That way, you can get them to stick with your business and help you make more money.

Making Secure Payments

If you plan to use a corporate charge card, you need to ensure you only do so while making secure payments. Sometimes, people charge cards to websites or places they shouldn’t, so doing so runs the risk of leaking the card. Because of this, you need to only use secure payment methods, so you don’t put your business at risk.

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As you consider secure payments, you should make sure your business uses the right charge card to maintain security. For example, you could use a Wright express card if you want to avoid problems and credit card theft. That way, corporate won’t get upset with you for making a mistake.

Covering Employee Costs

On top of covering costs for clients, you need to sometimes cover payments for your employees. For example, if your employees need to spend time in a city to help your business, you should cover the costs of the visit.

This should include any costs for your employees to stay in hotels while also giving them money for food. You should think about any expense you need to cover for your employees when it comes to your business.

However, you probably need to pay for your employees’ paychecks on your own. Because of points like these, you need to discuss what you can charge when it comes to employee expenses.

Travelling as Necessary

As you work in the industry, you or your employees may need to travel based on the needs of your business. Since plane tickets can add up in price, you should figure out if corporate will cover these expenses.

Otherwise, your side of the business needs to spend tons of money which may quickly put you behind on your profits.

Since travel remains a key part of business, you should talk about this aspect with corporate. Find out how much money they’ll allow you to charge, so you don’t go overboard with the purchases. That way, you can meet your travelling needs without running into issues with the corporate side.

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Getting the Right Equipment

Sometimes, corporate may allow you to use the charge card to purchase equipment since it benefits them. For example, your side of the business may not have the funds necessary to buy a new truck to transport goods. Since this investment helps the business, you could talk with corporate to find out if they’ll let you use the charge card.

If you plan to make large purchases like this, make sure you talk with corporate ahead of time. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a purchase and upsetting them if they didn’t expect it. This matters even more for a large purchase involving vehicles or equipment for the business.


Using a corporate charge card allows your business to let corporate cover some expenses for you. However, if you need to use the corporate charge card, you should learn what purchases are included.

Properly researching corporate charge cards can help you make an educated decision about whether one is right for your business. From there, you can use the card to build up credit for your business and purchase whatever you need.

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