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5 Best Ways to Design a Printed Products Online

Once you have the design of your brand in order, it’s time to start ordering your printed products. But where to start? Keep reading this article for a step-by-step guide on how to order printed products. Create the design of your printed products before ordering. The design will help you get your message to all your customers.

A well-designed business card, custom stickers, flyer, vinyl banner or canvas will capture the attention of a potential customer and increase business. There are many ways to create your printed products if you don’t have the resources for design programs or accounts with the help of graphic designers. Here are some of those options:

Online design tools

There are many ways to create your printed products if you don’t have the resources for design programs or accounts with the help of graphic designers.

Printed Products

Here are some of those options

There are thousands of templates available. Some are even tailored for specific industries such as agriculture, horticulture and retail. They come in a variety of sizes and you are free to customize your design.

Smartphone design apps

Always in movement? There are so many applications for smartphones available in the market that can be used to design different printed products. These applications are equipped with almost all the tools you need to create fantastic printed products. But be careful with templates and graphics that may require payment.

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Microsoft Word

If an online brochure or smartphone applications cannot be accessed, Microsoft Word can always be used. Although it is commonly used for word processing, it has almost all the tools you need to create simple designs. They also have some free brochure templates for you to use. If you use an Apple computer, you can use its word processor program, Pages. Always, save the designs in PDF so that the elements do not move.


Once you finish designing the design of your printed product, it is time to print it. Although great design and great content are important, the printing preferences you choose for your prints are equally crucial. The correct size, thickness, material, print and finish say something about your brand and contribute to the effectiveness of your message.

Size Matters

The first thing you have to do is choose the size of your printing products. The right size ensures that your print design looks as good as possible and gets the right amount of exposure. MojoSticker offers a variety of printing products in different sizes. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your printed marketing. There are also very simple options to customize the size of some products so that they fit your design perfectly.

Paper finish

The next step you have to do is choose the material. Printing products, particularly paper products, come in different types and finishes. The most common paper materials used are bright and matt. We usually recommend the use of glossy finishes for heavy image designs, so that the visual look real and use matte paper for prints that place more emphasis on the text.

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Additional finishes

Get the best out of your print products by choosing appropriate additional finishes. These simple details will surely impress anyone who sees or receives these printed products.

Here are some of the extra finishes from which you can choose:

  • Extra brightness: it is the best option for printing products that use intense and colourful images. The high brightness will make the design stand out and attract everyone’s attention.
  • Uncoated: this is an amazing option if you want the option to write on your print. It is an especially good idea to order some uncoated flyers for your next fair so that your salespeople can easily write their contacts on them.
  • UV Coating: this is a finish that you could use for thicker paper products such as business cards or postcards. It will give your print an incredible shine effect that will also protect your product from scratches and breakage. You can also use it to highlight a specific part of your design text, such as your logo or brand name.
  • Velvety touch (business cards): this type of finish provides an incredible touch experience for anyone who touches the printed product. It is really inexplicable; you just feel a soft and fluffy paper that slides on the fingertips.

Those are just some of the paper finishing options you can choose.

Paper thickness

For printing, the paper thickness is measured in GSM, which means grams per square meter. All this could mean nothing to you, so let’s put it this way: the 250 g / m² paper is 0.32 millimetres thick. If you want to see exactly what it is, you can take out a rule and see it for yourself. This paper thickness is the most common.

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Depending on the printed products, the material used to make it can vary greatly. For a broad explanation of the materials of the different products, click on the product that interests you.

Approved design

Upload your design once you have decided your printing preferences and enter your delivery and payment information. Ordering your printing products does not have to be so difficult. All you need to do is follow the steps to ask for your impressions. We guarantee you will always have fantastic results.

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