5 Best Video Editing App to Make and Edit Videos

Editing video in its own right is a rather complex issue that requires effort, appropriate tools and some experience. To some extent, you can also make video editing on an Android phone or tablet, and I’ll introduce you to 5 video editing app dedicated to this purpose, starting with the most complex and complete one.


For video editing, KineMaster is probably the most complex application you can find in the Play Store, with which you can create professional photo and video editing. KineMaster application has an intuitive interface and is rich in options and addresses those who have some experience in the field, more advanced users. You can add effects and audio files, effects and video transitions, you can record sound over the video with your microphone, and you can even add text with different scrolling effects.

Video Editing App

The free version of the video editing app allows you to save videos no longer than five minutes, and this, unfortunately, represents a limit. The paid version instead requires the subscription of a subscription that can be monthly or yearly (cheaper).


Combined with an intuitive interface along with powerful features, FlexClip is a fairly compelling video editing tool for Web. It allows drag & drops to easily import different multimedia files. FlexClip offers remarkable levels of control over the editing process to create professional videos quickly. You can add loyal-free background music between video clips, or insert blocks of text or subtitles.

Video App

In addition to this, all of the features come in the free version. If you want to create a video with photos, caption texts & music, the tool will cover your needs well. You can also visit PikWizard library with over 1 million stock images and videos that are royalty-free and safe for commercial use, with no attribution required.

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Magisto Video Editing App

This is a smart tool for your video editing kit. The Magisto video editing App Equipped with an Artificial Intelligence system that helps optimize our productions, it becomes really easy with this tool to give life to otherwise static images and turn them into stories.

Through editing styles it is possible to use the theme best suited to the content and mood of our video (real estate, dance, storytelling), use the suggested music or add our own and of course export the content in a format already optimized for social media.


This is another video editing application to smartly create excellent videos. It is fast and free. Select any of your favourite photos or video clips to create your own stories with Quik. The best thing about Quik is that it comes with automatic video creation capabilities. You can trim them, add effects, texts and quickly synchronize everything to the rhythm of any music.

Video Editing App

Once you have completed the creation of the video, you can save it in the gallery at 1080p or 720p, or even share it directly on social networks. Quik video editing app is effective and does not show any annoying ads. It deserves to be included in this list with the best video editing applications for Android for its features and sufficiency.

Lumen5 Video Editing App

We have used this video tool several times and we have to admit that it is really very nice, even if sometimes the video export times are biblical, probably due to the number of requests. The peculiarity of Lumen5 video editing app is to scan blog posts and from these extract a mini-video, with ad hoc text and images.

Video Editor

Obviously, everything is editable and implementable, but you have a nice gallery of images and free audio files you can use and the system is really intuitive. If you want you can also automate the process, adding an RSS feed to the sources for creating videos to receive personalized videos every day on the content we have published. It is fantastic, right?

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