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5 Free Streaming Apps for Smartphones Installation Guide

There are countless streaming apps in the industry, but people don’t know how to use them on their Smartphones. Most people get discouraged, and they remove the apps because they don’t know exactly how to install and use those apps smoothly. In this article, we will reveal the five streaming apps, features of those apps, and how to install on your Android devices.

How To Install These Streaming Apps?

Before revealing the name of those streaming apps, I’ll first explain the installation process. To install these apps, you’ve to follow the instructions carefully. Installing these apps is not a big deal, but you’ve to apply these settings must.

You don’t need to get overwhelmed with the installation. These instructions are easy to apply.

  • First of all, grab your Android phone and then open “Settings.”
  • Find the “Security” folder in the Settings tab
  • Now check “Allow installation from unknown sources.”
  • Download the app that you want to install
  • Install the app when after downloading it completely
  • Use and enjoy
  • That’s so

That is the exact pattern that you’ve to follow when you will be installing any of these streaming apps. If you cannot follow these instructions, then you can watch the video on YouTube. You will find many videos related to this question.

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5 Best Streaming Apps For Smartphones

I’ve mentioned earlier that there are countless streaming apps that you can use, but we will give you the working ones. Be ready for the apps and now the countdown ends.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus has the following features

  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Enjoy the original content of The Walt Disney Company
  • The option of using streaming apps worldwide without any restriction
  • Get a bunch of cartoons, national geographic content and other popular movies in high-quality
  • The newly released videos have a separate queue
  • Get the list of upcoming videos, so that you can add it to your library for watching later

These were the six best features that I like about the Disney Plus app. Disney Plus APK will capture the market after a few months, as it has gotten 50 million users in just four months. You can visit the official website of the Disney Plus app to download it, or else you can visit this website.


HBO Max and HBO Now have loads of features, but now HBO Max is released, and it has countless astonishing features.

  • Downloading the videos with ease by selecting the quality you want
  • Eye-catchy interface and user-friendly menus
  • Watching the live content hosted by the members
  • Downloading the videos and watching them offline
  • Multiple consoles usage and options
  • Enabling the subtitles of every video
  • No need for a good internet connection, enter inside the app and use it with the server speed

HBO Max will replace the previous two products in the HBO series hopefully. It has 10000 hours of content to watch, and we can say this an infinite content. Please visit the official website of HBO Max APK by just clicking on the link below.

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JIO Cinema

Most people are Bollywood movies nerd, and they spend endless hours to watch those Bollywood movies. If you have that same problem, then please use the Jio Cinema app. You can watch:

  • Unlimited Bollywood movies in HD print
  • Everything related to Bollywood is updated on this app
  • Top Movies in the Bollywood industries are highlighted on the main page
  • Featured videos are listed categorically

These were some features of this Jio Cinema app, and you must go with this app if you are a Bollywood lover.

Gears TV

If you don’t want to sign up on Amazon Prime, then I would say to install Gears TV app. The reason behind this is:

Streaming Apps
  • You can see the content of Amazon Prime on this app without visiting Amazon’s website
  • The videos are of 4K quality, and the app is easy to install and use
  • The menus are arranged in such a way that the users love to see them
  • It supports almost every language
  • You can enable the eye-catchy subtitles of a video you want
  • The top searched video is displayed on the homepage
  • You can sign up in just one click, no need to fill any credit card information to use this app

These were the stunning features of the Gears TV APK. Just click on this link to get this app on your Smartphone quickly.


TeaTV allows you to explore the content safely, and you can watch the popular TV series, Hollywood movies and TV shows:

  • All the videos are explored safely
  • Description, genre and ratings are also listed on every video
  • You can click on the “Add to favourites” button to mark the video as your favourite
  • Seeing the subtitles of any video is very easy
  • No advertisements appear in front of you when you are watching any video
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So these were some features of the TEATV app, and you will enjoy using this app. If you want to download the TEATV APK, then you can visit the website. In just one click, you will be able to download this app.


These were the five best streaming apps, their features and the installation pattern of each app. If you still face any difficulty in the installation phase, feel free to contact us.

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