5 Best Smartphone Security App To Install

With the increase of malware and hackers due to advancements in technologies, it is vital to keep your smartphones safe. The solution to prevent intruders, hackers, and viruses from accessing your information is to install smartphone security apps.

Your smartphones may contain sensitive and private data, valuable information, photos, and videos, so it is necessary to ensure precaution and avoid malware from attacking your smartphone. Technologies may have made our life a bit easier, but have also made the presence of hackers and viruses a bit stronger.

With growing technologies, there is the growth of malware as well. So, it is crucial to keep them away from harming your private information from your smartphone.

There is a higher chance of malware attacking your android phone than that of the iPhone due to its powerful functioning of interactions between apps and apps running in virtual space. Nevertheless, it is necessary to prevent both of them.

Android phones often catch viruses due to their freedom to download apps from an unknown source, and the global popularity of androids, hackers, and malware are always surrounding them. So, it is always good to add a layer of security and install antivirus.

Why do you need smartphone security apps on your phone?

Here’s why you need a smartphone security app on your phone,

  • Guarantees protection from malware and viruses from entering your smartphone
  • Provides a sense of security from hacking and information theft
  • It helps to keep safe your personal and sensitive data and information
  • It makes your smartphone smooth and fast
  • Protection from spyware and other similar apps on your phone
  • Ensures overall web protection and limits the access of websites
  • Detects and blocks spam and unnecessary ads
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Signs of the virus on your phone

Here are some most common signs your phone may have after an attack of viruses and malware;

  • Your phone’s back is heating too much
  • The battery is draining fast
  • Your phone is laggy and slow
  • Data usage is higher
  • Random apps and popup ads appear more often
  • People are getting spam messages and links from your account
  • Some of your data and files are missing
  • Unauthorized mobile phone charges

Best smartphone security apps for your phone

The following smartphone security apps are our best five picks for the mobile phone.

Avast Mobile security

If we talk about antivirus software, Avast might be the first one to come to your mind. Why not so? It is a quite popular and powerful security app. AVAST has a handset of free features even in its free version, including junk cleaner, which cleans cache files and trash files from your storage.

Avast Smartphone security App

AVAST’s other quality feature is battery optimization helping manage apps. This smartphone security app boasts another cool feature called a Camera trap, helping to capture images and videos of thieves or individuals if your phone is stolen or lost.

Its location feature also allows accessing your last known location even if your phone is dead. AVAST’s app lock feature helps to lock all your phone’s access using a password to reduce the vulnerability of your sensitive data and information.


  • The premium version is quite economic to buy
  • Includes loads of features even in the free version
  • Password protection on Photo vault helping in encryption
  • Wifi scanning for public networks
  • Provides information about App usage on the phone


  • Unnecessary apps pop up more often
  • Avast’s firewall only works on rooted devices
  • Trustworthiness anti-theft features

Norton 360 Mobile Security

Norton is one of the original and best smartphone security apps in the market, having a malware detection rate of 100%. Unfortunately, there is no more free subscription available for Norton. Having a safe search for unreliable websites and sources is another boasting feature.

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Norton also includes the last known location feature if your phone is stolen or lost. Another cool feature of Norton is that it advises if there is heavy battery usage and inspects any unusual or intruder behaviour on your mobile phone.


  • Wifi scanning blocks potential malware and viruses from the public network
  • Offers Perfect malware protection, i.e., 100%
  • Inspection of intruders and high battery usage
  • The intuitive design of the software


  • It does not offer a free version anymore
  • Lacks anti-theft feature

Kaspersky Mobile Security

Another incredible option for your mobile phone security is surely Kaspersky. Kaspersky provides flawless malware protection. Kaspersky includes catchy features like Finding your phone when lost or stolen. Anti-theft protection helps you erase your storage when it’s lost or stolen.

Overall, it is far easy to use due to its simple interface and intuitive feature than other smartphone security apps.


  • Ensures safe browsing due to the presence of web filters
  • Very reliable malware protection
  • ADs are free in the free version as well
  • App lock helps to prevent sensitive data


  • It does Not offer scan on newly installed apps on the free version
  • Comparatively, very less features

McAfee Mobile Securit

McAfee could be another possible choice of security app for your smartphone. McAfee also includes many features, but the free version is not ad-free and can irritate you with upsell suggestions.

Nevertheless, its App lock, anti-theft protection, and other catchy features are worth every penny. McAfee also helps to scan wifi networks and tracks the usage of each app, even in its free version.


  • Keeps the phone optimized by boosting performance levels and deleting junk files.
  • VPN feature is available to reduce vulnerability while being online
  • Protects your data and files on unsecured networks with wifi Scanner
  • The guest mode feature helps to protect sensitive data and files from other guest users
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  • Too many ads in the free version
  • Premium versions are very expensive

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender should be another excellent choice for users trying to get a smartphone security app on their smartphone. Bitdefender boasts very catchy features, including VPN and blocking harmful websites.

It also Remotely locates, locks, and wipes your device in case of loss or stealing. Bitdefender protects you from link-based scams too. Bitdefender also includes a wifi Scanner and account privacy if there is any breach in your account.

Smartphone Security App


  • The Premium version’s price is quite reasonable
  • It comes with a handful of necessary features
  • Very minimal system impact
  • High-end malware protection


  • The very expensive VPN option


We believe this blog will make it easier to choose between the provided apps for the mobile phone’s security. With increasing data breaches, harmful viruses, and malware, you should not hesitate to protect your sensitive data and information.

Smartphone security apps will save your data from possible data vulnerability and data breaches and monitor your device for any suspicious activities. So, it’s always better to have prevention for your data. Otherwise, you can face casualties due to ignorance and suffer huge losses.

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