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5 Best Reasons to Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

In today’s world of privacy, it’s vital to be using a Virtual Private Network to protect your data from prying eyes whether that is your internet service provider saving your browsing habits and selling then data or hackers looking to steal your personal data it’s getting more important to use a VPN in 2020. A Virtual Private Network has many other benefits than just keep you safe and your privacy on guard, We will give you the top 5 reasons to use a VPN below.

Get Full Security While Browsing The Internet

There are many online threats that you may not be aware of when just simply browsing the internet which range from malware that can be auto-downloaded to your PC to websites looking to steal your personal identification.

What a VPN allows is to block these malicious attempts to steal your information by firstly giving you a different IP address from your home broadband so no one can see your real IP address. Secondly, many Virtual Private Network providers have there own virus and malware detectors built-in which will cut off the treat without it ever reaching your local PC which is a big benefit of using a VPN.

Watching IPTV And Opening All Streams

You may have an IPTV provider who has their server blocked in certain countries meaning you can open any live channels from your own country so the way around this is to use a VPN. We recommend following Strong IPTV guide on how to set up a VPN for IPTV and this will resolve any issues you have with non-working channels in your home country.

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Another reason you should use a VPN with streaming is if you were to download Kodi and try to play any content you most likely would not be able to without setting a different country up in your Virtual Private Network app which would allow all content to be watched fine with Kodi.

Open Up Geo-Restrictions To Watch More Streaming

You will find many streaming services such as Netflix has country restrictions on them, meaning if you visited the UK but you were from the USA when you go to watch Netflix it will change to UK’s Netflix which is very limited compared to USA Netflix with thousands of more movies and TV shows.

Also, you may have certain streaming apps such as HBO and Hulu installed on your media device but they only work in the USA so if you were in another country you would need to have a Virtual Private Network and set it to the USA to watch the streaming apps as it tricks the app into thinking you are still in the USA.

Using a Virtual Private Network when streaming is now becoming the norm especially with IPTV and Kodi as protecting your IP is crucial now more than ever from the prying eyes of your ISP and other organizations.

Stop Man In The Middle Attacks

Virtual Private Network

You may be asking what the heck is a man in the middle attack, to begin with.

Well, this is what hackers tend to do to take over your connection from public places like internet cafes or even Starbucks. They basically hack your computer without you knowing because of the weak security of the public places Wifi network. Then they piggyback on your network so all traffic that passes through from your laptop to the wifi they intercept.

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Now, what exactly does this mean? It means they have all the websites you visited and all your usernames and passwords you entered and they can even send you to a pretend website that looks like a real website such as a fake PayPal and you enter your username and password then the attacker has your real username and password for that website.

The best way to stop a man-in-the-middle attack is to just use a Virtual Private Network when you are using any public place for their Wifi this is one of the most important reasons to be using a VPN when you’re not on your own home network.

A Virtual Private Network helps in Downloading Torrents

Torrenting is a great way to get content you need it has been operating for a long time and is basically a peer to peer file sharing system where somebody uploads files and you can use a program to then download the files they have uploaded in very fast speeds. But the issue is sometimes there can be copyrighted content added and you may accidentally download a torrent (or file) which could actually include the latest movie with it.

Now the problem with this is if that happens sometimes they are certain organizations that track IP addresses of anyone who downloads that file so then they can see your IP address and tell your internet provider who then sends a letter to your home to say to stop downloading copyright content when you may have done this by accident.

So this is why a VPN is needed as this hides your Virtual Private Network from these organizations and also hides your IP addresses from other users who are downloading the same files. We have just provided you with the top 5 reasons you should be using a VPN when you open your laptop or boot up your PC.

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