LinkedIn Ads is a great advertising platform for businesses that deal with B2B customers. LinkedIn is a powerful social media marketing tool that allows 774+ million professionals to network online. If you are in the B2B sector, potential customers can likely be found on LinkedIn. With a bit of research and target market research, you can contact them directly to generate leads.

However, LinkedIn has been abuzz with recent complaints about spammy messaging, unuseful connections, and being sold continually. This post will show you how to set up LinkedIn Ads that will connect you with your target customers without irritating them.

We will walk you through setting up your LinkedIn Ads account. Additionally, we’ll show you how to improve your advertising campaign over time by improving your messaging, branding voice, and approach.

Are you ready for LinkedIn Ads to be a customer acquisition channel?

Choose Whom You Want To Reach

LinkedIn’s advertising platform offers powerful targeting capabilities. This is undisputed. But, if you don’t make the most of this targeting power and put it to use in your marketing campaigns, it’s not worth it.

Before you start creating an advertisement, think about who your ideal customer is and what you would like to read.

Best LinkedIn Ads Tips

A buyer persona is a way to make your marketing plan more comprehensive. A buyer persona is essential for any marketing plan, especially when you want to target your audience. These personas have been proven to be effective and can help you to get into the right mindset to create an appealing (and successful) advertisement.

Your persona should include the following:

  • Customer background
  • Key demographics
  • Relevant identifiers and buzz words
  • Final goals
  • Probleme and challenges
  • You can offer solutions

There are two methods to create a buyer persona for LinkedIn Ads.

Assessment of Current Customers

You simply need to create a buyer persona based on your customers and customers you have worked with previously. If you have a lot of experience in the market and are familiar with the people involved, this can be a great way to approach it.

Identifying the Key Traits

To narrow down your audience on LinkedIn, the ideal job function is the best identifying characteristic. You can target customers based on their job functions by searching LinkedIn. This is a great way to market a high-value B2B product.

The next step is to look at each profile and identify patterns that can give you insight into the potential similarities this niche audience may have. These patterns will help you create a persona to target your advertising campaigns towards. This will allow you to explore new areas on LinkedIn and help you learn more about your market.

Create your LinkedIn ads

Congratulations! You’ve already done the majority of the work. You now need to create LinkedIn Ads that are particularly effective and resonate with your ideal clients. There are many ways to use LinkedIn to advertise online. Each format can be customized to reach your target audience.

Let’s look at the main types of advert.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads

LinkedIn sponsored content Ads “delivers native ads on the LinkedIn feeds of members within your target audience.” These ads can be shown to LinkedIn members on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. LinkedIn sponsored content ads are a great way to advertise on social media, especially if your content marketing efforts reach the right people.

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There are many types of LinkedIn sponsored content ads.

  • Single Image Ads – These ads only include one image. They are an easy and effective way to reach your target audience.
  • Carousel Ads – These LinkedIn Ads types have a swipeable sequence of cards. Multiple offers/products can be displayed to offer value and insight to your target audience.
  • Video ads: These can either be published through sponsored content or via your campaign manager on LinkedIn. Recent years have shown them to be especially effective, with an average consumer watching 100 minutes of video content per day.

Although it’d be great to run a brand awareness program, small businesses often don’t have enough . For any Sponsored Ad Campaigns to be successful, there must be at least one conversion goal (or a measurable CTA). This is regardless of how small or large. This will allow you to calculate how to gather leads once someone engages in your content.

Text ads

LinkedIn Text Ads are distinct from the content in your feed. These LinkedIn Ads types are displayed in side-tabs or banners and help you stand out among the “noise” of social media. These are simple to design and you only need to pay attention to copy and images.

Best LinkedIn Ads Tips

It’s easy to test different versions of the ad. You can also rely on A/B testing (more details later). Text ads can be very effective if they are properly set up. They can be costly to run.

LinkedIn, as an advertising platform, can charge their ads more than other social media sites. This is because they deal primarily with B2B markets that can afford the higher prices. LinkedIn does not have the same inventory as Facebook or .

This means that more advertisers are competing for the same advertising space, which drives up the price. You need to ensure that you get a return on your if you decide to create a Text Ad. Clever Zebo has some great advice about how to make your advertisement stand out. We’ll be going over it now.

  • Include the job description of your target audience in the click-through rate. Zebo discovered that this increased click-through rates as well as reduced the number of curiosity clicks on their social ads.
  • Zebo found that using a friend’s face as your advertisement (rather than a logo) results in better results.
  • A clear but friendly tone is key: Clever Zebo discovered that body copy that sounds natural and conversational was best when written in clear sentences. The results were compared to a pushy, sales-style copy. They noticed a dramatic difference. Experts in content marketing will insist on the importance of brand TOV when writing blog posts, emails and other content for social media. Make sure you use yours in your ads.

Make and publish your LinkedIn ads

Once you have an idea for the advert you wish to create, you can go to your LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager (if you already have one) or get additional advice from LinkedIn’s Solutions.

3 Steps to Get Started

  • Create your campaign manager account
  • Identify your goal
  • Start your campaign
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A ‘Showcase’ page is required if you wish to run Sponsored content ads. LinkedIn sponsored content advertising campaigns are essentially about promoting an update you have posted to your company page. You can also run a Direct Sponsored Content campaign if you wish.

This will prevent you from ‘clogging up” your company’s page. You can create content directly from the Campaign Manager with Direct Sponsored Content. Other than that, the way Sponsored Content campaigns are set up is very similar to Text Campaigns.

Let’s look at how to set up a Text Campaign. Keep in mind, however, that the same principles can be applied to Sponsored content ads. Go to LinkedIn Ads Pages, and click on ‘Text Ads.

LinkedIn Text Ads doesn’t require a company page. You can give your social ad campaign a name and choose your language. Next, follow the steps we have given to create your ad.

LinkedIn has some great tips for improving your content writing skills to increase your potential. You can see that the rules for creating inspiring blog posts, tweet ads, and other online content are very similar.

What makes a catchy headline?

A LinkedIn Ads headline that grabs attention will entice a reader to continue reading. These headlines are great examples of how to grab attention.

Ask a question that stimulates thought: Are you looking to make a difference?
Direct: Get 30% Off Today or a Free eBook
How to: “How To Write A Great Ad”
Command: “Get ahead using an MBA”

Should my Ad Have an Image?
Yes, ads with images receive up to 20% more clicks

How do I get my readers to click on my ads?

With strong calls to action, give your audience a compelling reason for clicking your ads. These are some good choices:

Register to find out more
Get our eBook now
Send me the video

You can see some examples of how LinkedIn Ads will look when it takes on different sizes by looking at the LinkedIn Ads pages to the right. After you have created your first ad you can create additional ads. Split testing is a great way to create additional ad variants.

Next, you can target your audience with your ad. Here you can use your buyer persona data to help you create your marketing strategy. LinkedIn can help you target social media ads more effectively. Based on your input, it will make suggestions.

The ads on LinkedIn can be quite expensive, as we have already mentioned. The ads’ price can be justified if you know the customer’s lifetime value. LinkedIn has a minimum bid of $2.00

Finally, you will be able to approve the campaign and enter your billing information. Then, wait for LinkedIn approval to confirm your campaign.

Optimize your Ad Campaigns

You’ll struggle to get people buying from you immediately, especially if you don’t know your brand. Marketing experts say that audiences must see something seven times before they will act. Advertising something for the first time is a good idea. However, you should lower your expectations and be prepared to optimize every lead.

How to optimize your LinkedIn ads

By being prepared.

An autoresponder sequence that booking a call with each lead once they have followed your CTA or sends them to an engaging webinar you’ve created is a good idea. This will ensure that your media marketing plan is on the right track. You can also stop leads from going cold by engaging them in engaging content and enticing them to join your brand.

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It is crucial to nurture and convert all leads, especially if they are being reached out to you from someone who has already seen your ads 5, 6, or 7 times.

They are too precious to be lost.

As your brand exposure grows, optimizing your ad campaigns will allow you to achieve better results over the long term. Marketers who want to generate leads immediately can benefit greatly from split testing.

You can:

  • You can experiment with different types of copy and images in your ad to find the best one that grabs attention and draws the most attention.
  • Your CTA and landing pages should be changed. This will allow you to see what your audience likes best and which pages have the highest conversion rates.
  • You can call people who have signed up to test if they are more likely to become customers than using an autoresponder.
  • As a lead magnet, create a PDF or webinar that informs your customers about you and what you can do for them.

You should be prepared to invest more money, republish new content frequently, try new ideas and invest more money if you decide to run LinkedIn Ads. Because they are so familiar with your content, this is why people may not respond to it on social media and advertising platforms.

Text Ads are targeted ads that only a limited number of people see. This means that your ads won’t be displayed to new people daily as with Google Search Ads. Your ads will eventually blend in with the site streams if they aren’t updated regularly.

Improve Your Offering

You will need to change your brand and content strategy if your LinkedIn Ads don’t get the engagement you want. Chances are, you are either writing content or blog posts that don’t appeal to your target audience. Or your targeting isn’t correct.

Most likely, your content isn’t attractive enough.

Ubersuggest is a tool that recommends content types that are most popular with your audience to help you create engaging content. After you have identified the best topics, create something even better to guide your audience to the perfect blog, website, or end call.

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LinkedIn Ads is a great advertising platform for businesses that deal with B2B customers. LinkedIn is a powerful social media marketing tool that allows 774+ million professionals to network online. If you are in the B2B sector, potential customers can likely be found on LinkedIn. With a bit of...
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