5 Best Leads Generation Tools for Online Marketers

According to Forbes, leads generation is the process of locating and developing potential clients for business products and services. Lead generation is considered a crucial aspect of digital marketing campaigns. Irrespective of the niche you operate in, there is a target audience, and they may be searching for your products or services.

Consequently, using the leads generation tools to attract your potential customer’s interest and collecting contact information is the start of an effective online marketing campaign.

But how can you effectively capture your prospect’s attention and information online?

Here is where lead generation services come in handy. These lead generation tools help automate this process, thereby allowing you time to focus on other important business functions.

The following are the best online lead generation tools to generate leads for your company

5 Best Leads Generation Tools for Online Marketers


HubSpot virtually provides anything and everything concerning lead generation services. HubSpot offers an all-inclusive tool for generating leads and converting them into actual sales. Additionally, it provides your company software for customer support, sales, and marketing alongside free CRM.

Furthermore, the leads generation tools consist of

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics
  • Blogging for inbound marketing

All these tools are essential when it comes to generating leads on your platforms. As soon as a prospect fills in your form, he/she will be redirected to HubSpot’s free CRM. Here, you can call or send a personalized email to your prospect.

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Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is essentially a webpage user tracking tool whose aim is to add value to your company’s sales intelligence and lead generation. One of the best strategies to generate strong leads is to understand your website’s visitors.

Here’s where Lead Forensics comes in handy as it collects visitors’ IP addresses and collects their contact information as well. Lead Forensics leverages IP addresses of website users to inform you who has viewed your site irrespective of whether he/she filled a form.

Once a user views your webpage, a “footprint” is left behind. It consists of information regarding your prospect’s visit. Lead Forensics helps you capture the interest of your target audience regarding your products and services. Also, it helps you convert the leads into actual sales, boosting your business performance.


Hotjar is online leads generation tools that analyses behavior and user feedback to understand your prospects’ needs. It consists of leads generation tools like session recordings, surveys, and heatmaps to understand visitors’ behavior and collect their feedback.

Hotjar lead generation tool perfectly complements useful data from other web-based analytics tools, including Google Analytics. By integrating feedback and analysis, Hotjar helps you understand what’s happening on your web page and visitors’ needs.

Additionally, the leads generation tools enable you to conceptualize how users interact with your webpage. It leverages heatmaps of your visitors’ clicks and actions, surveys, and session recordings to offer you insight. Through such insights, you can tailor your products and services to suit their needs, helping to convert the leads into sales.

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Hello Bar

Hello-Bar is another excellent lead generation tool that enables you to create custom messages for your website’s users. It’s easy to navigate, and all you need to start using it is to input your site’s URL. After that, Hello Bar direct you on what to do to make a display and input codes.

The leads generation tools allow you to create straightforward messages and redirect your website users to your social media networks. In short, Hello Bar helps to increase your company’s sales by directing traffic to your webpage.


ReferralCandy essentially helps your company generate leads and convert them into sales by offering discounts to existing clients who refer prospective clients. The tool leverages referral marketing strategies to encourage your existing clients to let others know about your products and services.

ReferralCandy is one of the most effective online leads generation tools for generating leads as over 90% of individuals trust recommendations from persons they know. Therefore, this is one of the lead generation tools to try out for your business, and it might be just the right one.

Concluding Remarks

Today, lead generation tools have become essential for successful online marketing campaigns. If you’re looking for the best lead generation tool to use, you need to consider a few factors like your budget, team size, and objectives.

Best online leads generation tools to try out include ReferralCandy, Lead Forensics, HubSpot, Hello Bar, and Hotjar. Ultimately, with these lead generation tools, you are sure to enhance your marketing campaigns and make more sales.

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5 Best Leads Generation Tools for Online Marketers
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