5 Best Crypto Trader Beginner Guide by Binomo

Binomo is a world-class cryptocurrency platform best known for its commitment to low trade requirements as well as a range of other advantageous features for new and veteran crypto traders alike can earn at any time and anywhere with the Binomo app for iOS and Android. Binomo always offers a professional trading tool for traders to achieve financial independence.

Statistics have shown that 80% of crypto traders globally have been in the crypto industry for less than a year. And for many of the traders, the learning curve in their first year is steep. That is why the article, aims to cover all the details of the service provided by Binomo and also talk about the answers by Binomo to 5 common questions asked by the Beginners.

Let’s first talk about the features of the Binomo Trading Platform

The Binomo crypto trading platform is designed to be as practical, easy to use and convenient as possible for crypto trader and binary options trading. The crypto company on her initial release made use of SpotOption as their platform of choice.

However, since then, the company has moved from ‘out the box’ solutions towards their own, practical design that meets the needs of its customers. Developed to include a range of on-point features for the crypto trader, the current iteration of Binomo is anything but generic.

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Efficiency and practicality are vital points for the broker, as well as offering competitive features to their trading customers such as daily tournaments. These competitions are increasing in popularity for many online brokers, and Binomo is ahead of the curve when it comes to offering a practical, mobile-reactive and innovative platform that does it all for their specific customer base.

Now, Let;s start the with Beginner Guide for a Crypto Trader

Faster trading on mobile devices or on desktop

It is not as much the device that matters but which platform you are using. It is better to pick a trading platform that has full cross-platform support. Many profitable occasions will come when you are away from your computer, so you’ll have to act quickly and close the trade on mobile.

You need a native app for best results, though: web interfaces often have responsiveness issues on smartphones. Binomo offers lightning-fast execution on all platforms: web, desktop, iOS and Android.

How to trade on Sundays/holidays/at night

Most crypto exchange platform does close for the night and on Sundays. But you can still trade in the OTC (over-the-counter) market. If you have to go to work during the week and can only trade during the weekend, we suggest that you pick a trading platform like Binomo that provides access to the OTC market. For example, on Binomo there’s a wide range of OTC assets and a handy non-stop trading mode.

Trading providers require that you use the same payment option with deposits and withdrawals

5 Best Crypto Trader Beginner Guide by Binomo

Trading platforms work hard to prevent fraud and money laundering. If it were possible to deposit money, say, with a card and then withdraw it to an e-wallet or in crypto, it would open huge opportunities for criminal activity, all the way to funding terrorism. Read: How to Invest in Stocks For Beginners

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It can seem like a nuisance that you have to use the same card or wallet, but it is standard practice across the world. On Binomo, you can deposit and withdraw fiat and crypto. Binomo supports bank cards, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Boleto Brazil, and other systems.

The best trading strategy for beginners

A common new crypto trader mistake is listening to rumours and so-called crypto influencers on Twitter. This can work a couple of times, but eventually, your favourite influencer will be wrong and you’ll lose your money. We suggest you start learning about technical indicators as soon as you begin trading.

Tools like Fibonacci levels and Bollinger bands are not rocket science. You will have to invest a couple of hours of your time in each indicator, but it will take your trading to a new level. Binomo offers 30 different indicators and technical tools. There’s also a section with 10 free strategies for different levels, including 5 for beginners.

Learning how trading bonuses work for crypto trader

Newbie crypto trader sometimes thinks that a bonus is a gift of sorts, but it is not. The bonuses are an incentive for crypto traders to trade more and generate fees for the platform. Awarding bonuses is a common practice, but terms differ. Here is how bonuses work on Binomo. You can get a bonus for topping up your account, participating in a promotion, or as a VIP client.

For the standard pricing plan, the maximum bonus is 80%, rising to 90% and even 100% on higher levels. Free users do not receive bonuses. A bonus can be withdrawn when the crypto trader generates a turnover that exceeds the bonus by a certain leverage factor. This way both sides win: the platform gets the fees and the trader gets the bonus.

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Crypto trading is both a profession and an art, and it can take years to master it. The only way to learn crypto trading step by step is with the support of a professional trading platform like Binomo. You can as well visit Survey for Crypto Traders website to learn more about the security and the reasons why crypto traders switch to a different crypto exchange.

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5 Best Crypto Trader Beginner Guide by Binomo

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