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5 Best Assistive Devices for Elderly People

Ageing comes with many changes, one of them being mobility issues. As people age, many of them experience this condition that leaves them housebound. Mobility constraints and being dependent on others can prevent senior citizens from living a free and active life without access to any assistive device.

But with the introduction of various innovations like that of assistive devices and mobility products, elderly care has improved manifold. The advancement of the already too smart technologies has made the machines better that will help to support the elderly; seniors continue to live an independent life.

Around 10,000 boomers turn 65 every day and a lot of them prefer living on their own. Everyday chores even the simplest one requires a lot of physical efforts, mental strength too for making things happen. So, here is when technology comes in handy and proves itself helpful for the elderly section of society.

List of assistive devices for elderly

Let’s introduce you to a few favourites Assistive Devices and technology advancements for elders

Elderly-Friendly Staircase

At an older age, it becomes challenging to make the simplest and the easiest of the movements. To help improve the mobility of the elderly and the ageing members a great breakthrough in mobile-friendly technologies has been made which includes an elderly-friendly staircase.

Assistive Devices for Elderly
Elderly-Friendly Staircase

The latest product that is introduced in the market has made walking around very much easier and simpler for those who earlier found it challenging to even walk a few steps. Moving around in the elderly-friendly staircase is less than a hassle.

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The senior-friendly staircase uses the help of the springs to collect and store the energy that the individuals spend walking down the stairs and utilizing the energy produced it returns the energy via an under the feet boost on the way back. Although it will not remove the 100% stress of the legs of climbing the stairs it will give great support and help the seniors to maintain their fitness.

Sturdy Rise Chairs

These kinds of chairs are also known as the recliner or the lift chairs that support the work with the lift mechanism that tilts the chair forward to lift it. The sturdy rise that the assistive devices enable the seniors to get in/sit easily and safely.

The lift function allows the ease of transfer and it is one among the many benefits that are offered by the modern chair. New options provide an array of powered positions in addition to flat, zero gravity, lay flat and that can even settle in and cosy up position for regular activities like watching television.

Assistive Devices for Elderly
Sturdy Rise Chairs

Some models of the sturdy rise chairs include heat therapy, pre-programmed massage features that provide relief from bad backache problems. In some chairs, the adjustable air lumbar back support is also present.

Some models come along with a backup battery and another important advantage that is offered by some chairs is that it has got back wheels, Wow! The chair can also be tilted back and rolled over easily where ever the user wants it to. So, sit wherever you want, however you want.

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Multi-Functional Can Opener

Seniors suffer from the problem of arthritis and another common problem of a ligament in their hands. Weaker grips and joint pain can restrict elderly people from doing many easy and basic daily tasks. To perform simpler tasks like removing the plastic packaging or even removing the lid from the jar seems like the hardest job to perform.

Assistive Devices for Elderly
Multi-Functional Can Opener

To solve this problem multi-functional can openers have been designed that come to the rescue. With the help of multi-functional assistive devices like the can opener you just need to fit a jar or a can into a minor platform and then just press the button on the device and simply watch the complete job done in a matter of seconds.

The latest variants are built with stainless steel and it also features super easy to hold handles that offer super excellent gripping. Now, you don’t have to wrestle with the jar or a can.

Mobility Scooters/Medical Scooters Assistive Devices

Walking does not require conscious thought and for seniors, the difficulty in walking not just compromises the physical wellbeing but also emotional safety. No one likes to be dependent on anyone! Commuting is central to daily lives like doing errands, going to work visiting family and friends, etc.

Without assistance and mobility aids an aged person can get very depressed, isolated and can even suffer anxiety. Senior citizens seek solutions from the physicians for their walking difficulties that can make people go in depression, anxiety, and isolation. Seniors seek a solution for this from their underlying difficulties and because of which the demand for mobility scooters has increased a lot.

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The best part is that owning mobility scooters/medical scooters do not only give physical benefits but also gives mental benefits. People who have walking disabilities do not feel like a burden over anyone else and it gives them the confidence to continue living their lives just the way they were living earlier without being dependant on anyone.

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