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5 Alienware Support Guide for Software & System Updates

Alienware is the gaming computer developed by Dell for its users who are very much fond of playing games. Both Alienware desktops and laptops are available in the market. Users are reporting to experience issues while using Alienware. Moreover, they fail to understand how to update the preinstalled system and software on their laptop.

Therefore, we are going to discuss the problems along with their possible solutions. Be a little patient to clear all your doubts and utilize your Alienware to the fullest. You can rely on the information since it has been provided by experienced Alienware professionals.

Software Download and Installation

This section has explained the download of software purchased or preinstalled with your Alienware system. The process of downloading software depends upon the type of software and system model that you are having.

Alienware Support

Alienware Digital Delivery

Alienware Digital Delivery is a preinstalled application for downloading and installing the software that you have ordered with your Alienware. When you run the system for the first time, software download form a part of the initial setup. So, check out the steps that you need to implement.

  • As you turn on your system, a license agreement is displayed on the screen.
  • Thoroughly read the license agreement and then accept it.
  • Select the Allow checkbox so that Dell can collect the service tag data.
  • Alienware will then display a list of available software and you need to click the Download Now button.
  • The status of the download will be indicated by the progress bar.
  • The progress bar will disappear once the process is completed.
  • Next, tap on the Install button for every software to get them on your Alienware system.
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Note: The service tag data is necessary to receive updates and important messages from Dell. The Alienware Digital Delivery might be missing if you have reinstalled Windows from scratch. Thus, you will need to download this application from the Drivers and Downloads page of the Alienware site.

Dell Download Centre

Dell Download Centre is there to help in downloading and installing the software that you have received along with your Alienware system. Thus, you will get options for downloading and installing the software. In addition, promotional software like free game bundles will be distributed through Dell Digital Locker. You can even access the Dell Digital Locker after purchasing the software from Dell Digital Download Store. So, let’s check how the entire process works.

  • First, visit the Dell Digital Download Store and browse the catalogue of software.
  • Select the software that interests you and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ option.
  • If the above process is successful, then you will receive a confirmation message in your registered Email ID.
  • Therefore, sign in to your email account and open that particular email.
  • You will come to know how to download the software.
  • Then, a message box will prompt you to run the application.
  • Click on the Run button to enable the dell Digital Locker to download the software that you have selected.
  • If the download is successful, then you will get the link for installing the software.
  • Lastly, tap on the Install button to start the installation and save them in the folder named My Dell Downloads.


Here we have focused on the problems that seem to concern Alienware users.

Alienware System Not Turning on

Your Alienware system might fail to power on or stuck at the Alienware logo. The problem might lie with the source of power supply or in the power cord you are using. Perhaps the connections are not in place. Therefore, reset all connections and restart the system. In case the system gets stuck with the Alienware logo, then it is most likely to have a faulty software. Therefore, you need to reach a professional Alienware support to check and fix the software.

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Audio Problems on Alienware Computer

Distorted or no sound is another major problem that can bother Alienware users. However, you can try to fix this issue by applying the steps that are given below

  • Access the Control Panel window from the Start menu and click on the link for Programs and Features option.
  • Select the audio drivers that are installed on your computer, right-click on them, and choose the Uninstall option.
  • Next, search for the latest version of audio drivers and click on the Download button.
  • After completing the downloading process, extract the downloaded file and start the installation process.

Video Issues

You might experience unclear videos while playing games or watching online content. Video issues are found to occur due to corrupted video card or damaged monitor. Therefore, unplug all connected devices including the monitor from your system. Then, connect the monitor to the correct video card port of your laptop and then swap the video card port to ensure that it is in good condition.

Next, test another monitor in GPU ports that are available on the alienware system. Now, reset the video card and verify the video card power connector. Finally, restart the system and play some videos to ensure that everything is working fine.

Windows 10 Upgrade Issues

Your system might suffer from a black screen error during an update. In such a situation, you must restart the system and keep on pressing F2 repeatedly on the keyboard. Now, go to the Boot tab on the BIOS window and then highlight the Secure Boot option. Next, press the Enter key and click on the Disable button.

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In the end, press F10 to save the settings option and then close all existing windows. If the problem continues, then try to identify and fix the issue by running Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Alienware System Running Slow

The system performance issue is a natural problem when your computer or laptop lacks updated drivers or OS. Before checking the drivers, close the programs running at the background of the system. Now, uninstall those programs that you have downloaded from third-party sources. Avoid running too many programs simultaneously on your computer.

Then, check the version of installed drivers and update them in case they are outdated. If the system keeps on running slow, then defragment the hard drive. This is all one needs to know about the system. Hence, it is the basic Alienware support that will enable you to use your system the way you want. Read Also: How to Recover Alienware Hard Drive Lost Data

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