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5 Advantages of Azure Development for Businesses

Microsoft’s premier cloud computing provider, Azure development services have made significant advancement over the past year. With more than twenty-five billion records per day being stored and shared across more than two hundred data centres around the world, it has become the most popular choice for companies looking to implement cloud solutions.

In addition to providing easy access and management to the most popular online sites, it provides customers with an out of the box solution for all their requirements. The best part about the service is that it can be customized to meet the needs of each customer.

Azure Development

Microsoft’s Azure development services deliver scalable, flexible, and secure services that are designed to meet the needs of the fastest-growing cloud community. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics GP architecture, Azure web apps are extremely scalable and can scale up and down as required.

It also provides guaranteed reliability and control for the Azure development platform. This guarantees that no matter what your need is, you can find a flexible, scalable, and reliable solution. Microsoft provides the following benefits to its customers through Azure development services:


Microsoft has designed Azure solutions for both small and large organizations. Small businesses can use Azure development services to start a web analytics centre or to manage mobile apps. Larger organizations can leverage the cloud environment to expand their presence in various verticals and increase revenue.

Large organizations can use Azure solutions to run their business on multiple devices, multiple platforms, and multiple data centres. This ensures that no matter what your organization’s size, you will be able to benefit from Azure development services.

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Efficient Infrastructure

Microsoft’s Azure solutions deliver great scalability, reliability, flexibility, and performance. With on-premises solutions, your organization needs to purchase, manage, and operate its own server infrastructures. You will have total control over your infrastructure, but this comes with a high price tag.

With on-premises software, you have little to no control over your infrastructure, and therefore, a large maintenance fee is associated with each upgrade, service call, or repair. On the flip side, with Azure development services, you will utilize a software service platform that is very reliable and flexible, which allows you to maintain your on-premises infrastructure while expanding your reach.

Reduced Costs

Using Azure services does not only provide a reliable development platform, but it also offers low-cost implementations, as well as several features that reduce the operational costs associated with managing on-premises infrastructure.

For example, with Azure services, your app can automatically adjust to different data sources, which reduces your storage costs. You no longer need to keep a backup of all your data, as it can be pulled from your SaaS (Software as a Service) portfolio, or other sources, at any time.

By migrating your data to a hosted solution, your entire data set will be automatically replicated across all your Azure services subscribers. Prakash Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We are providing Azure migration services, cloud automation, big data, and other services too.

Global Reach

The SaaS platform that you choose can be implemented in several languages, which gives you a global reach for your product. If your application is available in English, Spanish, French, or German, it will be available to users in any country that speaks those languages.

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This is especially important in the B2B market, where customers are not only looking for products that are easy to understand but also those that are simple to navigate. Customers want to search for businesses that they can instantly understand and use, which is why content delivery networks can be so important. With Azure services, the entire world can quickly and easily access your application’s information.

Security and Protection

Cloud computing gives you access to secure infrastructure, so your Azure applications are 100% safe. Your data is protected from intrusion, which makes it extremely important. By using services like SRM, security can be managed, which is important for larger organizations.

Also, if you choose to implement storage as a service, the entire infrastructure for your organization is literally built for you, which ensures maximum security. The Azure applications’ infrastructure is scalable, so there will never be any need for up-keep, management, or support. All these factors contribute to making Azure development a great choice for your organization.

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