4 Web Hosting Factors to Consider While Buying a Service

Web hosting is the next step after designing a website. However, web hosting and web designing are segregated from each other. Likewise, the website is also part and parcel of web host services and web design. You might get many suggestions after designing a website but very few web designers or web hosting providers are guiding their customers in a proper way.

Getting a web hosting service is a next question but first, you’ve to note down the factors that are needed to consider while buying a web hosting service.

Let’s go through Web Hosting Service in the detail

Buy a Domain

The foremost step is to buy a domain that will give identity to your business. However, selecting a domain is significant because it helps the audience and search engine to locate your website easily. It’s good to select a domain name related to your business. For example; if you’re a blogger then select a domain name that includes blogger or blog keyword.

This will become easy to recall your domain name and keywords will also rank for that specific search keyword that includes your domain name related keywords. You can choose any extensions from the given list that are .com, .in, .info, .org, .net, etc. There are also options for country extensions such as .in, .au, .uk, .us, etc.

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Monitor Web Hosting Service

After deciding the domain, you get alternatives for web hosting services that are basic web hosting, reseller, shared, VPS, dedicated, business, WordPress hosting, Cpanel hosting Canada etc.

For a static website where less traffic is expected, shared hosting is the best option. If you want to start a web hosting company, reseller hosting is the best way to begin. For medium-sized business websites, VPS is the ultimate option. Last but not least, for complex or big corporate websites where large data is stored, dedicated is suggested.

Likewise, your web hosting provider will guide on how to select a website hosting service for your website or blog. Being a blogger, I will suggest MilesWeb for all types of businesses. The main benefit of selecting MilesWeb is that they support small and new startups to get online easily by providing web hosting service only at $ 1.03/mo only.

Web Hosting Service

Moreover, you get 99.95% uptime with global data centre alternatives. Last but not least; refund policy is applicable only if you claim for the refund within the first 30 days. You can contact them anytime for any reason such as website-related issue or any other issue as they are present 247365 days to serve their customers.

Choose the Operating System

The operating system is the core element in web hosting. If you’re aware of types of operating systems then you can easily make the decision. There are two types of operating systems that are widely used, one is Linux and second is Windows.

Linux Web Hosting Service

Linux is an open-source technology that fits well with these scripts such as PHP, Perl, Python, and others – MySQL databases.

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Windows is also a popular web hosting solution that is used worldwide. If you want to design a website on ASP.Net, ASP or any other Microsoft technologies then Windows is the best choice.

Upload the Website

For uploading the website, you’ve to connect to the server and login to your cPanel > File Manager or FTP Client like FileZilla. After this, you can follow these below-mentioned steps to upload your website via cPanel file manager:

  • Login to cPanel.
  • Click on the symbol called File Manager.
  • Pick Web Root and tick ongoing.
  • Put all the files and folder under public_html and domain folder.

Host a website using a site builder?

Being a web designer or developer, you must be knowing the site builder tool and its working. MilesWeb also offers free “Site Builder” to design a website in no time. The site builder is by default included in the plan, so you get a web host service along with the site builder.

Build a Website in WordPress or Any Other CMS

You can create a website via 1 – click installer from the cPanel. It can be any CMS either WordPress or Joomla, etc. MilesWeb also offers 1 – click installer in the plan to help newbies and professionals to design a website. You can also do it manually via FTP or file manager.

Final Words on Web Hosting Service

These are the four factors that you can consider while buying a website hosting service. So, don’t wait too long for designing and hosting a website. Give a kick start to your business with MilesWeb and experience the best.

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