4 Profitable Business Ideas in Kenya for Tourists

Business ideas are a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centred on a product or service that you can offer for the money. Any profitable business idea is the first milestone in building a successful business.

A profitable business idea is often linked to its creator, who needs to identify the business’ value proposition to launch to market and establish a competitive advantage. Having a profitable business idea is the first spark of Entrepreneurship.

Profitable Business Ideas

You must read this post if you are looking for opportunities to invest in Kenya. This article will discuss some of the most profitable business ideas for tourists who want to invest their money in Kenya. Out of hundreds of profitable business ideas, we will mention the tried and tested ones you can avail of if you have the Kenya visa for Pakistanis.

If you want to do business in Kenya, then you need to have a business visa from the embassy. You cannot do business without a Kenya visit visa for Pakistani citizens.

Let us dig into the details of the profitable business ideas that you can practice in Kenya.

Car Washing Business

One of Kenya’s most profitable business ideas is car washing or service stations. Kenya is a developing country, and you can see the number of cars getting denser every day. As the number of vehicles increases, so is the demand for pit shops and service stations.

It is possible to open up a small car wash and pit shop with no investment and earn money from it. If you are a Pakistani interested in investing in Kenya, you will need a Kenya business visa. For a more in-depth look at the market, you will need to apply for Kenyan eVisas for Pakistanis.

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Laundry Washing Business

Another popular, profitable business idea you can invest in if you have a Kenya visa for Pakistanis is the laundry business. Laundry is a basic necessity of every citizen, and so you can quickly start your laundry shop in areas where it is dense and populated (upper class).

With this profitable business idea, you can earn a lot of money weekly and daily. To check the opportunity in this industry, you must apply for a Kenya eVisa for Pakistani citizens.

Cosmetics Business

You can also invest in Kenya in the cosmetics sector. The women in Kenya are pretty fond of dress-ups so you can introduce your very own make-up brand. You can provide make-up products, and you can also give parlour-related services to clients in the porch areas of Kenya.

It would help if you had a business Kenya visa for Pakistanis to start a parlour. Make a short tour of the local area to see what products and services are available. The Kenya eVisa application allows you to plan a quick time in the country.

Travel Agency Business

You must know that Kenya has become a hot tourist spot today. People from all around the world prefer travelling to Kenya for multiple purposes. The main attraction of Kenya is its wildlife. Now there is a lot of opportunity in Kenya when it comes to tourism.

You can start your tourism agency and can earn money from tourists coming from different parts of the world. You first need a business Kenya visa for Pakistanis if you want to start your travel and tourism agency.

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If you are wondering how much a business Kenya visa fee for Pakistani is, then know that you can enquire about the cost of a business visa from the embassy!


You could share in the comments section if I missed your picks for the profitable business ideas you can start in Kenya. Bonus points if you’ve already gotten started on one of these good business ideas, and share the link to your website.

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