4 Incredible Online Tour Packages in Pakistan

Pakistan, which holds too much beauty in its land, will have the most majestic approach for you if you enjoy tranquillity within the land of diverse cultures and beautiful landscapes. You can buy Pakistan Tour Packages online to have immeasurable adventures and fun times.

Through this read, you can venture into some of the best options to visit through an efficient tour package for different areas of Pakistan.

Popular Tour Packages In Pakistan

If you are looking for one of the best tour packages in Pakistan, you will find many tour packages in the north of Pakistan. The country is home to some of the most mesmerizing landscapes and over the top adventurous experiences.

Here are the reasons why you must buy Pakistan online tour packages for your next holiday adventure

Gilgit Baltistan Tour Packages

Gilgit Baltistan Tour Packages

Located in the foothills of the Karakoram mountains, this land with prevalent cold weather makes it the best summer destination. Regardless of the seasons, Gilgit never ceases to amaze wanderers with its beauty and various historical factors that always make tourists and wanderers curious about the place.

  • You can learn about the existing history of the silk route in the area.
  • You can learn more about the presence and impact of Lord Buddha in the area during ancient times.
  • There are various unexplored valleys of Gilgit Baltistan like Fairy meadows and Naltar valley that you can visit if finding new places is your idea of fulfilled bliss.
  • The region is widely known for its exciting blend of history as it was once a princely state and later was under British rule.
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Hunza Valley Tour Packages

Hunza Valley Tour Packages

Hunza Valley tour Packages are one of the most widely opted tour packages as the valley is said to be a place where nature is very close to you. Although the natural beauty of rugged roads and Lush greens that carpets the region is widely appreciated, some of the best travel experiences that tour operators offer you are as follows:

  • You can enjoy the unique ancient touch in the towns of this valley as it is pretty disconnected from the city life, which makes it more authentic.
  • There are tons of Tourist places to visit in Hunza. Some of them are Attabad Lake, Altit Fort, Baltit Fort, Karakoram Highway, etc.
  • Hunza is also widely known for the beautiful and exciting culture of the Burusho people, who are often seen as very kind and helpful people of the valley.

Hunza Valley tour packages are so popular among wanderers and tourists because the valley is also the best place to unwind from technology and tiring city life. It is where you can enjoy time slowly yet enjoy the peace it brings to you spiritually.

Skardu Tour packages

Hunza Valley Tour Packages

You might be aware of why the north of Pakistan is so popular with tourists. Skardu is one of the most popular tourist destinations, packed during the season. The reason is the captivating view, which is surrounded by the gorgeous K2 peak. Perks of choosing Skardu tour packages to have your travelling experiences are:

  • If you enjoy travelling to the countryside, Skardu is the best destination. It is the farthest place in northern Pakistan.
  • As mentioned above, Skardu is the pathway to some of the world’s highest mountains which is why a lot of climbers and hikers often visits it
  • The beautiful river Braldu floors the landscapes that look very magnificent and makes the perfect riverside sightseeing. Skardu is blessed with several lakes like Kachura lake, Shangrila Lake, Sat para lake that will give the best sightseeing sessions with your dear ones and one picture-perfect memory.
  • If you love looking deep into places and dwelling deep on their history, Skardu brings you the Shigar Fort. It is 400 years old and is entirely made of stone and has a strong foundation that is now open for guests with around 20 rooms.
  • Many Skardu Travel Packages also offer mountaineering on the K2 mountain for specific days. These tour packages come with expert tour operators who will guide you throughout the way. This adventure is also the dream of many potential mountaineers, and if you are one of the few, Skardu won’t be a disappointment for sure.
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Chitral Tour packages

Chitral Tour packages

If you ever heard about the population in Pakistan who are claimed to be Descendents of Alexander The Great’s soldiers, It is the Kalash people in the Chitral valley. The place is widely known for Its unique tribe that is the country’s pride.

Their culture and warm nature towards outsiders have led many tourists to visit the place and learn about their unique culture. Many Book for Chitral Tour Packages online because it is more convenient and affordable, as instead of a lengthy Tour planning, In tour Package you can enjoy

  • The Ultimate destination for many tourists while visiting Chitral is the Kalash valley. The apparent reason is to explore the place and connect with the Kalash people to learn the world their way.
  • Other than the Kalash Valley, you can also visit Bumburet and Rumbur during May as the valley celebrates the Kalash Chilam Joshi Festival.
  • When it comes to enjoying nature, you will find numerous picturesque landscapes around the entire province.

There are many more travel destinations that are better to know through a stress-free tour operator, who offers you exclusive deals and takes care of your convenience throughout your travel experience in the country. If you are looking for any of such Tour operators that seem to give the most genuine services, Tour and travel operators like Pak Voyager is the best option you can choose.

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