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4 Best Ways To Keep Your Device Driver Up to Date

It is very important to update the device driver. A system driver or a device driver is a very important code fragment that allows Windows 10 to interact with all the necessary hardware peripherals like mice, printers, scanners, monitors, graphics card, video card, sound card, keyboard, tracking devices and many others.

These drivers act as alike that provide an interface between the system and hardware to maintain a healthy performance. In this article, we will talk about each and everything about drivers and the best ways to possibly update your drivers to improve the system performance.

Let us have a look at some of the peripherals we use on a regular basis

  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Sound Card
  • Graphics Card
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Removable flash drives

Although devices are different, the methods to update their respective drivers are all the same. There are methods and driver update software through which we can easily update the drivers.

Using Windows Update

This is a feature we all are well aware of. Windows provides automated processes to update the necessary drivers using an Internet connection. This is one of the best ways to keep your drivers up-to-date.

It solely depends on you whether you want to run Windows Update every single day or once a week. You can easily schedule a quick run with a frequency of your choice to check and install the updates at any time of the day.

Following are some steps do so

  • Click on ‘start button’
  • Select ‘Windows Update’
  • Click ‘check for updates’
  • The resulting window will show you some options.
  • Click on ‘updates are available link’
  • Click to select the available updates.
  • Click on the ‘ok button’

Doing this will do the needful and will reboot the system. However this automated process will look for features and patch updates necessary to boost the overall system performance, it will also check for system drivers and hardware device drivers that need an update

Visiting the Official Manufacturer’s Website

This is the one the safest ways to update the necessary system drivers. You just have to make sure that the driver you are looking for on the website is compatible with the hardware you have.

Let us take an example of monitor drivers. Monitors come in different sizes and some are even 19 inches. Size of the monitor decides how well pixels on the screen are managed. This demands specific resolution drivers that maintain the pixel density, giving you a balanced icon and taskbar.

Irrelevant drivers make your screen look unsteady therefore it is very important to check the compatibility of the hardware and download the right drivers on your Windows 10.

Using Device Manager

When some hardware is not recognized by the system and stops working after some time, you need to fix this bug. Windows will automatically apply a bug fix or either install a generic package.

Device Manager is an easy to use tool that helps to perform a manual update on your hardware drivers. You can use it to reinstall a driver as well. It comprises of a few easy to follow steps:

  • Click on ‘windows button’ to activate it.
  • Type in ‘device manager‘.
  • Click one or multiple categories such as Mouse, Graphics card, monitor, Adapters and select the particular peripherals you want to update.
  • Click on ‘search automatically to updates‘.
  • Choose the ‘update driver‘ option.

This will update the drivers of the devices selected. This method will definitely update the driver(s) you are looking for.

Using a Device Driver Updater Tool

The market is booming with the best driver updater software that downloads the latest drivers on Windows. Out of the several tools available in the market, we have listed one Driver Updater Tool as it is one of the best in the list.

ITL Driver Updater tool is a utility that performs a check on the system and displays the entire list of drivers that need to update. It also displays the list of corrupted drivers that can ruin the overall performance of Windows

This device driver update tool has a huge well-managed database and it does all the work for you. With a friendly UI, this tool checks for the drivers you need to update, and lets you do the needful. You can download the latest drivers using this Driver Updater tool by clicking here.

In summary

So this article was all about some of the best ways to update your device driver. We have also discussed one good driver updater program. Keeping your Windows Drivers updated is you need to keep your PC healthy. Updating the hardware device drivers not only run the applications and programs smoothly but also improve the overall system stability.

Whether you are a gamer, graphic designer, web developer or a simple Windows user, updated drivers always help in making the system perform at optimum levels at all times.

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