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3 Best Ways Wearable Technology Reshaping Businesses

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The wearable technology has continually reshaped and redefining how people are going about their day-to-day activities. When it involves entrepreneurs, wearable technology has provided a gateway to new opportunities and methods to grow a business. Entrepreneurs have never had it easy to induce their products and services before the worldwide audience.

Having said, we do not need to overlook the realm where the wearable technology may be impactful is through managing your personal health. Through utilizing wearable health technologies, entrepreneurs can boost their energy, happiness, and well being. The concept of getting some type of technological device to assist improve the entrepreneur’s health isn’t a completely unique concept.

Devices like Pedometers and pulse rate monitors are around for many years in any case . But, the extent of sophistication and trackable metrics from wearable health technologies through companies like FitBit, Garmin, BioStrap, Whoop, and lots of others is what’s enticing now. As someone who advises busy and high performing entrepreneurs, here are three of the most important reasons why we encourage them to use some kind of wearable health technology.

For Accountability and awareness

Maybe you have mentioned something along the lines or have heard a peer or a follower mention sentences like these:

“I plan to exercise for five days per week.” “I’m getting to walk 10,000 steps every day .” “I decide to eat 2000 calories each day while eliminating sugary drinks.” “I’m getting to be in bed by 10 pm so I can get eight hours of sleep.”

Unfortunately, more often than not, those promises and optimistic plans disappear and get lost within the daily shuffle of growing and managing your business. However, through leveraging wearable health technologies, you’ll increase your self-accountability and keep wellness top-of-mind.

For example, if you promise yourself 10,000 steps daily, and therefore the data only shows 6,000, you can’t hide behind excuses like not knowing. Another common example is to urge lost (and sometimes overwhelmed) in your goal and not feel like you’re making any progress nor any kinds of improvements.

In both examples, leveraging wearable technology and data provides non-objective feedback and most significantly, separates what you think that you probably did to what you really did.

Emotions and feelings can often times cloud and impede your progress within your business. an equivalent can happen together with your personal health. Therefore, having data to produce non-objective and non-biased feedback in both avenues is vital.

Shifting from a reactive to a proactive mentality

What do Blockbuster, the transportation and hotel industries and therefore the U.S. Healthcare system have in common? they’re samples of organizations that are more reactive as against proactive in their overall actions.

Speaking of the U.S., within the most up-to-date edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, which ranks 169 economies consistent with factors that contribute to overall health, the U.S. was nowhere near the highest of the list (we came in 35th just in case you were curious).

A big reason for this was the system being built with an emphasis on reactivity rather than proactivity. Countries at the highest of the list focused on preventative care and action, whereas the U.S. tends to require action just one occasion illness and disease manifest themselves. Many entrepreneurs approach their health within the same manner.

Only once the burden accumulates, the lab numbers are out-of-sorts, the stress gets out of control, or the day-to-day energy is nowhere to be found will they spring into action.

Instead of brooding about your health once a year during your annual physician visit or waiting until a problem manifests leveraging wearable health technologies brings awareness about your health each day.

An example of this can be a recent study appearing within the Lancet, where 200,000 individuals wore wearables and utilized its data to predict flu outbreaks thanks to increased resting pulse rate over time alongside a rise in sleep time.

Over time, once you determine a baseline along with your wearables, they will essentially serve as your caution light to examine in with yourself and stop future illnesses.

Leverage wearable technology data for more precision-based solutions

With any good marketing campaign, there’ll be key metrics and KPI’s that function the benchmark and progressions for your business. In health, it’s no different. What gets measured, gets managed, and can improve over time. Identify a minimum of one thing on your wearable that you simply will measure as a key metric toward your goal.

In addition, leveraging data is helpful when it comes time to go to your doctor, coach, or maybe your accountability group. With a huge data set, you’ll identify what’s the chock hold by watching the weeks and months of knowledge accumulated; thus resulting in quicker and more precise solutions. there’ll be less guessing and hoping together with your strategy.

How you begin using the wearable health technologies

Two of the biggest obstacles for people using the wearable health tech are feelings of overwhelm and interpretation of the information. There are numerous metrics you’ll be able to track. But, when you’re just getting started, here are a couple of things to think about to assist you to choose on what device to undertake together with what to measure:

  • How tech-savvy you are?
  • How easy is it to wear?
  • Does it seamlessly slot in together with your ideal day-to-day lifestyle?
  • What are the various tracking and reporting features?
  • What are your goals and what does one want to track?

The wearable technology allows entrepreneurs to front-load their work, operate with precision as if they seem to be a symphony orchestra, and not be relegated to mostly playing defence concerning their personal health.

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