3 Best Roof Estimating Software for Building Contractors

Roof estimating software provides a full suite of tools for every step in the sales process to save roofers time and bring consistency to their operations. The roof estimating software is an app designed for building contractors to provide:

  • Fast and accurate roofing measurements
  • Compelling reports and documents
  • Professional estimation software designed to offer customers the best options

There are many roofs estimating software that are standalone systems containing estimating tools. Other software includes means in the all-in-one business management system. This software combines the most powerful estimating features with the tools and the technology for building contractors to manage every other building business aspect.

Best Roof Estimating Software

Some roof estimating software like RoofSnap, created to help roofing businesses of all sizes, Featuring

  • Measurement tools
  • Brandable documents
  • Signable contracts and more,

The roof estimating software will transform how building contractors manage their company’s ongoing projects and bring a low-touch sales experience to their roofing business.

Building software is becoming increasingly popular due to its many advantages- Reliability, wide availability, cheap costs, and the simple fact that the building construction software also saves a lot of money.

Advantages of Roof Estimating Software

The roof estimating software is relatively easy to use and can estimate the construction costs of the building project. It also provides building contractors with the following functions

  • Phase analyzing
  • Report generation
  • Building Schedule
  • Cost of inspection
  • Equipment rentals
  • Engineering costs, etc.

The roof estimating software calculates software fees and helps the building project managers by easing and fulfilling the tasks usually left to the accountants. Moreover, some roof estimating software has a built-in order system that allows just a few clicks to order materials.

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The most significant advantages of the estimation software are accuracy and also time-saving. Everything this software does can also be done simply using a pen and paper or spreadsheets. But in most cases, several people are working on the project, and the programs that have an online database thus become quite a considerable time saver.

It is because; you will be able to edit the project anytime and anywhere. Saving time also means saving money. That is why roof estimating software makes the construction process much more effective.

Who can use the Roof Estimating Software

Roof estimating software is regarded as the contraction cost software because it can calculate the contraction costs. Therefore, not only the roofing manufacturers but roofing contractors need this software. It is because the efficiency of the project is mainly dependent on the price.

The best roof estimating software works for businesses and helps improve the estimated costs. Roofers can enjoy several benefits if they use estimating software for their business.

It includes better accuracy, easier ordering, a more streamlined estimating process, and professional-looking quotes. If you are having problems estimating or looking to improve efficiency, getting evaluating software for your business from Exact Roofing can be a great help.

Types of Roof Estimating Software


The roof estimating software eliminates the need to rely on expensive third-party measurement providers for roof measurements. With RoofSnap, building contractors can draw measures using in-app tools and high-definition imagery or receive measurements from the software Sketch Ordering Service and sketches.

RoofSnap’s simple measurement tools yield results within 1% of the actual roof when correctly sketched on HD imagery and are complete in minutes — not days. Plus, the integrated estimation platform means building contractors can turn their roof measurements into estimates in minutes, using a customizable product list and pricing.

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RoofSnap Key Features

  • Roof Measurement Tools
  • Professional Roof Measurement Reports
  • Integrated Measurement Ordering Service
  • HD Imagery
  • Import Tools for Drone and Bluprint Imagery
  • Taggable Inspection Notes and Photos
  • Integrated Estimate Builder
  • Customizable Estimate Templates
  • Customizable Product List and Pricing
  • Documents Featuring Your Logo
  • Assignable Pre-Starts and Contracts
  • Customizable Contract Language
  • Good, Better, Best’ Estimate Documents
  • Downloadable Document Sharing with Customers
  • Send Material Orders to Suppliers
  • Project Sharing with Users in Your Account
  • Multiple Offices Per Account
  • Free Training
  • Online Help Center

The all-in-one roofing software also produces compelling documents, like ‘Good, Better, Best’ style estimates and signable contracts to share with customers or suppliers. Building contractors can also feature their logo prominently on any document in the system.

FCS Roofing Software

FCS is a cloud-based roof estimating software suitable for roofing businesses of any size. The software’s real-time processing allows data to be captured remotely on any device. FCS helps roofing contractors to create a repeatable business model and manage communication with their customers.

The built-in CRM module of the roof estimating software enables building contractors to capture customer details using pre-built custom forms. The marketing and lead tracking features allow them to prioritize leads and schedule work orders accordingly.

FCS Roofing Software Key Features

  • On-site repair proposals
  • Invoicing tools
  • Service reports
  • Automated repair status updates for customers
  • An interactive client portal
  • Online inspections reports
  • Detailed sales reports
  • Aerial measurements
  • Scaled takeoffs
  • Project management solutions
  • Workflow management
  • Time tracking

FCR Roofing software comes with a self-service client portal that allows clients to submit their requirements, track work schedules and job progress, make payments and more. Users can download real-time inspection reports using pre-built reporting templates or can design their templates with business branding for reporting.

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AccuLynx is considered one of the best roof estimating software for building professionals. They offer a user-friendly experience that keeps their customers satisfied. The company claims to be the best roofing estimation software available.

AccuLynx Key Features

  1. Customer relationship management tools
  2. Aerial measurement ordering is available through EagleView and SkyMeasure
  3. A range of powerful estimating tools
  4. Job scheduling and management
  5. Production and labour management
  6. Permit tracking
  7. Direct placement through material suppliers
  8. Powerful reporting
  9. An intuitive roofing estimate app

The roof estimating software also provides educational content and information on its website. AccuLynx is the best available roofing estimation software, without a doubt. AccuLynx leads the pack when it comes to roof estimating software.


As with any business in the building construction industry, roofing companies need high-quality estimating software to do their job well. Many roofs estimating software options today include all the tools necessary to provide accurate estimates and streamline workflow. Any of the three options on the list are an excellent choice of roof estimating software for building contraction.

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