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3 Best Online Presentation Tools for Real-Time Slides

With remote working become a rather popular trend in today’s corporate world, online presentation are becoming more and more important to businesses. Not only do they help in making sure all your employees are on board regarding an idea, but they also serve as a great way to convert leads and close deals. They get rid of having to commute to the office, and by sharing presentations online, people from all over the world can tune into your presentation through the comforts of their home.

While presenting online is a room is convenient, it limits your audience to the people present in the room, so how about you go bigger? By sharing presentations online, you can significantly raise the visibility and relevance of your presentation. This, in turn, leads to more leads and potential customers, PowerPoint gives us various options to share our slides in real-time. Here’s a look at some of the best ways to share presentations online and get more people to engage with your presentation.

The Right Online Presentation Tools

Online Presentation

Giving an online presence is a tricky affair, and that is why you need the right tools to ensure that you get maximum engagement rates and conversion rates. That is why several web development companies from all around the world have developed a ton of online tools to help people with presenting online. Whether you are working on a world-class presentation with a team or doing a simple vendor presentation from at home, you can make use of these tools to elevate the level, quality and relevance of your presentations.

The online presentations tools help you to present in person before a larger audience digitally, making sure that everyone saves on time and effort, as there is no commute involved. However, one common problem that arises during such presentations is compatibility and network issues. In case, one of your clients is situated in a place with low network coverage, they will find it hard to capture the entire video feed.

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Similarly, certain employees may have desktops or laptops that do not support certain kinds of files, making it difficult for you to give an effective presentation. However, certain standard tools help you get over these hurdles by making use of bare minimum software, to get your message across effectively. Let’s take a look at a few such methods to share your slides in real-time.


GoToMeeting is a paid tool that takes a small monthly subscription fee from you to serve as your digital meeting tool. The application is extremely efficient, meaning you no longer have to worry about freezing slides or crashing presentations. This is a common issue that many people face when using free software, such as Google Hangouts.

As soon as the number of people joining crosses ten, the system starts to lag, and eventually, the quality diminishes leading to crashes and hangs. GoToMeeting not only helps you give a freeze-free presentation, but it also adds a lot of useful tools to your arsenal.

Some of these include the ability to share your desktop screen over your slides, meaning you can open Spreadsheets, or maybe even open up another webpage which has statistical data. Furthermore, it brings along with it certain drawing tools which help you mark and highlight your screen in real-time. You can highlight text, draw lines, separate paragraphs and even point at things using this feature.

Google Drive/Slides

Google Slides, which may be accessed via your Google Drive is one of the simplest, most user-friendly and easy to use online presentation tools out there. Not only is the platform entirely free, but it also contains several built-in tools that improve engagement rates. For instance, Google Slides comes with chat tools that allow you to engage and communicate with your team effectively. To share your slides real-time using Google Slides, all you need to do is:

  • Go to your Google Drive account
  • From the Navigation Menu, click on New
  • From the drop-down list that appears, choose Google Slides
  • In case it isn’t present in your drop-down list, just select More and then Connect More Apps to select Google Slides and add it to your Drive
  • Google Slides has several great themes built into it which you can use to create your slideshow presentation
  • Once you are done, just share the link to the same and your entire team can connect with you and view your presentation in real-time
  • Once they have connected, they can add comments to whichever slide they want to by making use of the Comments tab
  • Furthermore, by making use of the Chat icon, they can even converse in real-time via texts.
  • Also, it allows you to connect using Google voice, which means you can hold a voice conference in real-time while displaying your Google Slides presentation.
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Zoho not only allows you to share slides in real-time, but it also allows you to create designer presentations with ease. Being as easy to use like Google Drive, Zoho ensures maximum user-friendliness and intuition. Furthermore, it allows you to create not just presentations, but also spreadsheets and documents as and when required. It also comes with a real-time presentation editor which is as useful as the one present on Google Slides.

This online presentation tool also comes with a lot of extra themes and designs which will help you create the perfect slide with minimal effort. Once you are done designing your slide, all you need to do is save it. The only thing your team needs to do to view your slides in real-time is signed up with Zoho and log into their accounts.

Once they do, you can share your slides with them in real-time, helping you give kick-ass presentations that are unique and creative. You also get to choose between video and voice-chat when it comes to delivering your presentation. It also allows you to share your desktop to the viewers, the way GoToMeeting does, meaning you can pack more information than ever before.

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