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3 Best Methods to Create a SQL Server Backup

Losing of Database is one of the frustrating situations that a SQL Server user can experience. However, the backing up of the database will defend you in such a case. SQL Database Backups protect your data from getting lost due to factors such as software or hardware failure or human errors. Therefore, we are going to discuss the methods to create SQL Server Backup. There are 3 possible ways to perform the task:

  • Backup SQL Server using T-SQL.
  • SQL Server Management Studio Utility.
  • Securing SQL Backup Server.

Let us understand these methods in brief.

Backup SQL Server Using Transact-SQL

In this method, .BAK extension files are used for identifying the backup. Use the commands below to execute the method:

Create Full SQL Backup to Disk.

  • BACKUP DATABASE database name
  • TO DISK = ‘path’
  • Go

Create Full Backup to Multiple Disk Files.

  • TO DISK = ‘C:\PATH_1.BAK
  • DISK = ‘D:\PATH_2.BAK
  • DISK = ‘E:\PATH_3.BAK

It is the complete process of creating a backup of SQL Server. Now, let us discuss the second method to restore .bak file in SQL Server so that you can learn how to back up the database in SQL Server easily.

SQL Server Management Studio

  • Right-click on the database name.
  • Select tasks>backup.
  • Then choose anyone from “Differential or Full or Log” as the preferred backup type.
  • Select “Disk” as the destination.
  • Click on “Add” to add a backup file and click “Ok”.
  • Again, click “OK” to create a backup
SQL Server

Securing SQL Backup Servers

Imagine that you have created the backup for your SQL servers. But what about the security of these backups. We need to be sure about the security of these backups as well to make sure that no unauthorized access is being made to it. We can employ the following ways to secure our backups

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Manage Log Backups

  • If you have used a bulk recovery model and you lose the log backup, there might be a chance that you will not be able to restore the database which was present before creating the backup.

Physical Protection

  • For the security of backup disk files, you should back up your files in disks that are protected by restrictive access control lists (ACLs).
  • For more protection of your disk backups, you can also utilize the NTFS encrypting file system.
  • Utilizing Windows Backup of your SQL database is also a good option.
  • BACKUP SET PASSWORD: Use the password option in the Backup statement. But this provides weak protection for your backup database.
  • MEDIA SET PASSWORD: This password is saved when the media header is written & cannot be changed afterwards.
  • Do not restore databases from untrusted sources.
  • These sources cause an error by modifying the physical database of your SQL server.
  • Before using a database from such sources run DBCC CHECKDB on the database.
  • Examine user-defined and stored procedure code in the database

In case of any Mishappening

If any mishappening occurs at the time of securing your SQL Server Backups you don’t have to panic. You can always make use of SQL Backup Repair software that is capable of recovering the corrupted backup of your database. The backup repair software is designed to repair MDF & NDF files of SQL Server Backup.  Using this tool one can also export their restored database into SQL Database or SQL Server Compatible Script accordingly.

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In Summary

In this article, I explained all about how one can take a backup of SQL Server. There is a step-by-step procedure offered. If you found any difficulty in performing these manual tricks then there is an expert tool i.e SQL Backup Recovery. You can use it and back up your SQL Database.

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