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3 Best Frameless Shower Screens Types for Bathroom

Shower screens are basically a panel which is made of glass that is used as a partition between the shower in the bathroom and the rest of the things in there. It works far better and is a far more permanent solution than its alternative, the humble shower curtain, and it makes sure that the water cannot escape your shower and wet the rest of your bathroom while you are taking a shower.

Like, every other component inside a bathroom like a bathtub, these shower screens also can come in different shapes, sizes and forms. The design of the shower screens is extremely important as that is what ensures that there will be no leaks through the shower screens later on even after the screen has gone through an incredible amount of use.

Frameless shower screens are being used extensively owing to particularly their seamless designs which also have an extremely solid feel to them. They generally have a small space present between the panel of glass (i.e. the shower screen) and the wall, which allows for the door to open and close freely. In case of the absence of this small gap, the panel is quite prone to leak water after it is put under a good amount of use.

Characteristics Of Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless Shower Screens

In recent constructions like new architectural structures and/or renovation of age-old structures this type of shower screens are being extensively used. Frameless shower screens allow for a beautiful and seamless blend with the interior of heritage homes. Gold plated hinges used for the hinges in such heritage homes gives the frameless shower screens the perfect finish in the same way that using brass hinges that are coated with chrome gives the perfect desired finish in the modern constructions.

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One of the biggest factors for this screens not finding use in any and every construction is obviously it’s relatively higher cost owing to the fact that it is generally crafted by hand and must adhere to extremely closely monitored techniques of production. However, if the cost is not an issue, the frameless shower screen can be cut to fit your custom requirements.

The wall and floor level(s), holes, etc., are all measured to make sure the glass panel fits perfectly in your bathroom after leaving the small gap. The edges are first polished and then are put through toughening processes to make it into a quality, durable glass panel (eg: Australian grade A safety glass).

Choosing The Perfect Shower Screen For You

Frameless Shower Screens

Now, you cannot go about buying any particular screen as you need to make sure it fits your bathroom’s requirements in terms of size, shape, design and even aesthetics.

Frameless Shower Screens can be straight in their shape or shaped in the form of the letter “L” of the English Language. These offer a finish that is both simple and also minimalist at the same time. Bathrooms that are heavily used by children and/or people who have accessibility needs should opt for these screens. The size varies from bathroom to bathroom.

Folding Shower screens are mainly used in order to save space, in bathrooms that are cramped for space. Small bathrooms generally have Frameless Shower Screens that opens towards the inside. They can be fit in both Straight and L-shaped Bathroom showers.

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Sliding shower screens make your bathroom look much more luxurious. These frameless shower screens can extend along the length and breadth of your shower. The sliding function of the screen(s) allows for easier access while space is not compromised.

It is always a better option to make an informed decision while selecting the shower screen to install in your bathroom. The style and aesthetics of your bathroom must be kept in mind to select the perfect finish for the frameless shower screens. The shape and space of your bathroom is an important factor which helps you decide the type and size of screen you want.

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