2 Main Reasons Huawei use of Android Restricted by Google

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Huawei, the second-biggest smartphone maker as per recent statistics, has been barred by Google to receive some updates to the Android operating system. Huawei 5G technology is already under controversy worldwide as it is an expected threat to the security of the nations who will use it. Some countries have banned Huawei 5G phones and others are considering whether to use Huawei 5G device or not.

Countries like Australia, Japan, etc. have instructed their network carriers not to work with Huawei 5G device so that no data can be shared with the mobile phone company for national security reasons. Being of the same opinion, Google has also banned Huawei to update Android and use Android in 5G smartphones.

The implication of the ban will affect Huawei’s business considerably. The new Huawei smartphones will not be able to use Google Apps, Play Store, Maps, YouTube, etc. Existing Huawei devices will also not be able to make use of the new version of Android whenever it will be launched.

However, older version may be available through open-source but that will not update you with the latest software and security fixes. All this can seriously restrict the buyers from buying Huawei phones in the future and they may also sell their existing Huawei phones.

Though Huawei has already started with a back-up plan to have its own operating system and to have other apps which can replace Google apps in Huawei smartphones to cater to requirements of customers, still it is a tough time for Huawei and its users. The ban has also alarmed other phone manufacturing companies to prepare for being self-reliant in the future instead of being dependent on Google.

As of now, other companies have nothing much to say for Huawei

The users of smartphones who were expecting higher speed with Huawei 5G smartphones may have to wait for a little longer as without Android in Huawei their buying preferences may shift. For the time being, it is a better option for users to shift to a speedier network than their current one. Besides, shifting from one network to another is easy and more economical until your current smartphone is in good condition and is solving all your purposes.

Most of the users of smartphones can switch to their desired carrier simply by replacing its SIM card with the SIM card of the current carrier. In cases where the smartphone is locked to a home network because it was purchased on a contract at a discounted price, then the users may have to take another route. If your contracted term is over and you have paid your carrier in full, till date, then you can legally shift to another carrier.

Before the termination of the contract also you can shift to another carrier legally, but you will have to check your current carrier’s policy in this case. You can hire services of a phone unlocking service online to unlock the network you have in your phone currently.

They can help you to unlock Huawei phone, unlock Samsung phone, unlock ZTE phone or unlock the phone of any other manufacturer. You just have to find a dependable phone unlocking service online and then the rest is their job.

How to Unlock an iPhone 6

The task to unlock network gets much easier with companies like as they are proficient and experienced in the industry. They serve you at your doorstep as everything is done online. So, there are absolutely no hassles when you hire them.

They collect your contact and phone-related information through a form on their website to generate authentic unlock code unique to IMEI number of your handset. Confidentiality of the information is undoubtedly maintained by them.

A deserving phone unlocking service like generates unlock code soon, usually in a period of 1 to 7 working days. Furthermore, along with emailing you the generated unlock code they also guide you about how to enter the unlock code in your phone so that you can unlock your phone quickly and easily.

For want of better network speed, you can try changing the current network carrier of your phone if you are dissatisfied by its services and pricing. Unlock phone with the help of cell phone unlocking service and easily move to another better and economical network offering wider coverage.

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