2 Best Tools to Create an Amazon Link on your Website

If you are an affiliate of Amazon and you need to know the best way to get an Amazon link on your website, you almost certainly realized that even though it is not hard to complete, but it is time consuming most particularly when adding a lot of Amazon affiliate link. This is exactly where the Azon WordPress theme becomes very helpful.

This can be a brand new tool that can make it less difficult and quicker for you personally to add Amazon affiliate links from inside your WordPress dashboard. This WordPress plugin will not add automatically full pages of the product on your site nor will it drip feed thousands of products automatically for your website.

Rather it is designed truly for Amazon affiliates who are writing their very own content and want to easily and rapidly locate products and add Amazon link and pages to their critiques with no need to login to their affiliate account in Amazon. Apart from that, there are several other excellent issues this plugin can do. It comes with characteristics producing it an ought to have for any Amazon affiliate.

How does the Amazon Link WordPress Plugin Works

Amazon Link

Save tons of time: Setting up an amazon affiliate site can be a pain. There are often many plugins and custom scripts involved. With Authority Azon, now you have everything you need in one simple system.

You’ll Make more money than ever before: The theme is built with conversions in mind: Which means that everything is optimized to give you the highest click-through rates and conversion rates possible.

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Easily customize the look and feel: The theme comes with multiple layout and colour options so you can build a unique looking website with just a few clicks.

How the Amazon affiliate link tool help to build a High-Converting Website

Amazon Link

Get Product Data From Amazon with Just One Click: Just enter the product’s ASIN, click “Get Data” and the plugin automatically pulls information like prices, rating, reviews, the model directly from Amazon for you

Increase User Engagements With This Advanced Filter: Visitors can use the filter to find exactly what they need quickly. They can even compare different products live. This would result in a higher conversion rate for you.

Easily Create Optimized Review Pages That Drive Clicks: Your reviews no longer look like door-way pages. They’re not only nicely-designed but also convert visitors into affiliate sales very well.

Drive Even More Clicks With Built-In Comparison Charts: Looking for a good comparison chart plugin? Look no further as we’ve baked that function into Authority Azon which makes it even more powerful.

Make The Most Out of Your Traffic With Amazon Link Localization: This feature will redirect visitors from countries other than your default locale to their international Amazon website instead of the wrong one.

Amazon Link

Fast Loading, Responsive, and SEO Optimized: Not only does AuthorityAzon look good on any devices, it’s also lighting fast and highly optimized for SEO Huge boost to your site’s performance!.

Extensive Options Panel: Don’t want your websites to look the same? We’ve got you covered with an extensive options panel that allows you to make all the necessary customizations.

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Translation Ready: You can now translate your own website without touching any PHP code. It’s so simple actually! Just do the translation right inside your Dashboard.

The Azon WordPress theme is a great tool for those who have content writers or those getting numerous authors that write for their blog. In such situations, you would not want them to log in for your Amazon account to incorporate links due to the fact they will have the ability to see the reports of your earnings. This means that it’s going to depend on you the best way to add the links and update them once they no longer function.

It would be time-consuming and considerably simpler in case you let your writers do the perform for you personally. Using this plugin, the writers don’t have to log in it to Amazon to add links and update them. Rather they’re going to be doing it all from within your blog.

The next function of this plugin is really impressive. Those affiliates creating Amazon sites know normally that targeted traffic is coming from various nations but mainly the links on their web sites are created to get a particular Amazon country. In other cases, the affiliate links are Amazon US links only. But most traffic comes from other countries and you will not be credited for the sales if people purchase from other Amazon countries.

The Azon WordPress theme is excellent because it assists you to stay away from this dilemma. Generally, it inserts the correct Amazon affiliate links on your website depending on the country the reader browses the site from. To sum it all up, this plugin can take considerably of the perform and time involved when you have to add and update Amazon links.

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