1O Complete Guides to Use Swing Tags to Boost Businesses

Custom-made swing tags are the most innovative and the finest way of promoting your brand. No matter what business you are running or thinking to opt for you can go for swing tags for promoting your products, business, brand name, tagline, and story of your brand.

You do not have to think much about creating custom swing tags, you only have to be focused on the printing quality and style of it as it is necessary for making it super attractive. Because it is all that will assist in elevating your brand’s image.

Here are some benefits of using hangtags that will blow your mind and make you realize what you were missing as a business holder.

Benefits of Using Printed Cardboard Tags

Swing tags are useful in promoting your business especially if you are new in it you will get the best benefit out of it. Here are five benefits of using swing tags with your product for promoting your business.

Easy Customization

When you are using any source of promoting your business the best and foremost approach is to make it completely customized. But customization takes money as well, not that much you are thinking because it is affordable.

1O Complete Guides to Use Swing Tags to Boost Businesses

The most affordable and easy customizations are made in printed swing tags because it is all done on little pieces of cards that will be hung on your products. These customizations require your

  • Product name
  • Description of product
  • Brand name
  • Tagline, and
  • Story of your brand to engage customers and to build interest in your products and brand

Perfect for New Startups

If you are thinking of initiating a new business that can be of anything then you must be aware that its packaging would be the first thing that will either promote or defame your products. Because it is the first thing that attracts your customers towards your brand and products.

But when you are at the first stage you should not take a risk. In this regard, swing tags came as a saviour because these hang tags do the same thing with an inexpensive price range and wide customization ideas.

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Printing, cutting, and customizing hang tags is a super easy and fun task. Hence if you are initiating your business then it is the best thing to do it on your own and save the bulk of money. You can easily do it even with your hands and make premium quality handmade products with wholeheartedly written and designed hang tags for your products.

The best approach is to save time, money, and energy. Because it is the easiest to produce and straightforward way of promoting your business.

Flexible & Durable

The hang tags are a highly flexible and durable idea to customize your products promotion. There is no fear of breaking, tearing, or reshaping these cards. Rather they remain in their places even if you handle them carelessly. These cards have the flexibility to make them resistant to all types of handlings.

1O Complete Guides to Use Swing Tags to Boost Businesses

No matter for how long your product is displayed on the counter the tags will remain in their place stuck to your products to flaunt your product and brand phenomenally. New startups have the best chance to opt for these tags and enjoy promoting their products and brand.

Smart & Attractive Looking Display

Hang Tags gives a smart and attractive display to your products. It consumes the least space making it smart and attractive all at once. Not only you but your targeted audience will also love the concept of using these cards on your products and displaying everything on them.

In everything, there should be a product name, product description, most important your brand name, tagline, and brand’s story. Now you might be wondering how one can put all these things on such a little card. It is not that difficult just maintain the balanced space and you will be set for showcasing your products and brand.

Uses of Swing Tags

Here are the best and clever uses of swing tags to promote your products and business.

  • Attach it with all your products to specifically promote your brand wholly.
  • It gives all the required information to the potential buyers.
  • Helps in identifying similar items instinctively without wasting a second. Hence itis time-saving.
  • Hang swing tags on your brand’s shopping bags so that you do not want to customize the bags and look stylish as well.
  • Gets publicity from celebrities or news portals.
  • It helps in competing with your competitors by keeping it at the right places.
  • Several colored swing tags give a funky and attractive look, especially for kids’products.
  • Used in give aways for promoting your company.
  • Restaurants use it in their menu cards to focus on new add ons.
  • Used for gathering customers’ feedback as well.
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10 Types of Swing Tags Printing Techniques

Although there are numerous options for printing swing tags, here we have gathered the10 best ways of printing them conveniently and without going over budget.

Matte Lamination

If you want a matte subtle yet fine look for your cards then nothing would be better than this matte lamination. It protects the printing but does not give that shiny look to the cards. It is the thin layer of plastic to keep it protected against UV rays and moisture.

Gloss Lamination

Glossy lamination is all for giving shine to your hangtag. It is the best option to attract your customers to your products because of its shiny surface. This shine never fades no matter how long the product is placed on the display counter.

Silk Lamination

Illustrating by its name that it has the softest touch feel although it is also made of thin plastic sheet but of premium quality that makes it super smooth to touch. It gives durability to your tags so that they remain as it is for an extended period.

UV Spot Finish

If you want to protect your product tags from damaging UV rays then you have to use specific paper for it because this feature can not be used on all types of sheets. Glossspot UV is used on specific areas of sheets to protect your whole card.

Foil Stamping

It is used in metallic foiling that enhances the quality of tags and makes it luxurious for all time use. With the help of pressure and heat, metallic foil is attached to the paper. With this technique, you will get a shiny look, attract your customers, and make your tags highly durable.

Metallic PMS Printing

A spot of special ink is used for this type of printing technique, ink is mixed with metal particles and creates a shiny finish on your tags. From this technique, you will get a wide range of metal colours, get the finest finishing, and it is highly affordable as well.

Heat Raised Ink

It gives a 3D effect to your printing, this process is known as thermography. It raises your printing above the level of your sheet. It is made with a combination of plastic resins and thermographic powder. It gives a coating to your paper and when it gets dry it gives a vacuum to it and you can remove it easily.

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The embossing technique has the same properties as heat raised ink technique. But it is made through plates that are directly pressed on the sheet. You can ink or foil as well. Leave it to dry and remove it to get the desired results.


As the name elaborates it is the opposite way of embossing. You will press images and text on the paper in this technique with the help of foil and ink. Your paper should be thick enough to bear the pressure as if it is not thick it will tear out into pieces.

Blind Deboss

It is an extra thick lamination because two cards are placed together with the help of glue and you can print any text or image on it according to your product and brand name.

Why Choose Wabs Print for Kraft Swing Tags?

Wabs print is a UK-based packaging and printing company that contains a wide range of packaging boxes with all other essentials. We believe that promoting your business with perfectly enormous packaging is the most straightforward way.

You do not think that it is expensive because we keep all our things under your budget. Although we are available with a bulk of designs and colours if you want some customization do not hesitate in contacting us because we are always ready to make customization for promoting your products and brand.

As always we are here to make you feel at home and guide you in the best way if you are initiating a new startup. Swing tags are the most affordable form of promoting your products and brands, we have a wide range of them.

But if you need custom-made swing tags you can freely contact us immediately on our customer care service or given contact number and we will respond as soon as possible. We offer a free demo with free delivery at your doorstep.

We believe in making your dream packaging a reality so that our customers can trust us. We believe that our customers are our family and we never betray them in any way regarding packaging and printing. Visit the Wabs Print website to observe the wide packaging and printing range.

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1O Complete Guides to Use Swing Tags to Boost Businesses
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