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15 Best Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

Due to the pandemic, things are still not normal but that doesn’t mean you cancel your meetings or postpone them. With virtual conferences, you can save your money and time by avoiding travelling that you would have for an onsite conference.

What is a virtual conference?

The virtual conference enables the attendees and exhibitors to connect on the same platform online without having to travel and arranging huge conference rooms. The idea behind the Online conferences is to expand brand awareness and generate leads globally.

With some basics like registration, a great virtual platform setup, and marketing, you are good to go to host a virtual conference. Engaging the attendees at the physical conference is still easier as they cannot walk out from the conference in few minutes since they travelled and came so far to attend the conference.

Virtual Conference Engagement

But holding and engaging virtual conference attendees is difficult. People can easily distract themselves as they have immense opportunities on their computer screen to click.

So how do you keep them engaged throughout the virtual meeting and conference?

We are sharing some great Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas to keep the attendees engaged.

Content is the King: Deliver at its Best

While going virtual, content is the king of your event so deliver it at its best to entice your audience more to get engaged. This is the best way to get more registrations and engagements. Your content should be so interesting that the audience could leave Netflix and love to watch your content.

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Live Polling

Speakers can conduct live polls during the sessions to keep the audience engaged. Also, it will help you in analyzing data about how many attendees are watching your event.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are the messages that appear while the event is running out. You can notify them when a new session begins or guide them to the room where a current session is taking place.

Q & A Session

In your virtual event, allocate some time for a Questions & Answers session so the attendees can clear their doubts with the experts just like we had in onsite events. Through the Q & A sessions, one can have a 2-way communication in the virtual conference.

Networking Table Feature for virtual interaction

A virtual networking table enables the audience to connect one-to-one or with a group in real-time, pre-event, or post-event. Attendees are aligned like a conference setup virtually and can communicate with the audio & video chat functionality. It aims to have safe and secured digital communication just like one could have at in-person meetings.

Be cautious of Meeting Duration

The in-person and virtual conference platforms don’t make much difference but there would be a difference in their duration. Enjoying F&B, music performances, and motivational speeches at the in-person meeting is quite interesting but to engage the attendees sitting on a chair in the house and watching the event online is difficult. Thus, for virtual conferences, keep the duration minimal.

Market through social media ahead of virtual conference

Create a landing page that displays the necessary information about a virtual conference that you are going to organize. Post this page on your social media platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, and so on. This is the best way to get more registrations online. You can keep the audience updated by inviting them to your Facebook group and including them in the mailing list.

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Curate a Hashtag for your Virtual Conference

Curate a catchy and memorable Hashtag that can be used anywhere. The more you use it, the more it will be promoted among the audience. Use your hashtag in promoting, publishing, registration form, social media posts, emails, newsletters, and so on. Using a Hashtag is free of cost but you can get immense benefits from it.

Hire a prominent MC

The great MC of a virtual conference can engage the audience with its enthusiastic talks. He can bring a spark into the dull meetings by cracking the jokes at the right time. Just a few clicks are needed to distract the attendees; thus maintaining the decorum of a conference with positivity is a must. MC should keep encouraging the audience to fulfil the mission and goals of a meeting.

B2B Meeting Scheduler

Scheduling a meeting between the attendee and event organizer and vice-versa needs just a few clicks. A meeting can be scheduled during the conference or later as per the requirements. B2B meeting scheduler is a great feature that won’t let you miss any important networking opportunity.

Exchanging Business Cards

Virtual event organizers are leaving no stone unturned in making virtual events gaining real-time experience. Business cards exchange is another feature of virtual conferences that enables the attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to exchange their business cards online.

AI Matchmaking Tool

Artificial Intelligence Matchmaking tool enables the participants and event organizers to connect based on their common interests. The list of attendees is shared with everyone at the conference. So, the AI matchmaking filters the list based on different interest areas and thus communication can be established via business card exchange, live chat, and so on.

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AR Photo Booth

Fun and entertainment are the necessary parts of any event to bring life to it. Include AR Photo Booth feature in your virtual conference. Attendees would love to get clicked with the branded photo booth. Also, such photos can be posted on social media with your event hashtag.

Introduce Gamification

The last engagement idea is gamification. Various games can be played among the attendees and exhibitors to keep them engaged. There are more than 100 games to choose from in the library for your platform. Some of the common games chosen are- temple run, crossword, tic-tac-toe, spin the wheel and so on.

In this blog, we have shared some effective virtual conference engagement ideas that you must inculcate in your event if you haven’t. We hope this will help you. Curate these engagement ideas and you will see the difference.

If you have some thoughts about it then please share with us and tell us in the comments.

Are you planning to host a virtual conference?

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