12 Business for Students You Can Start Without Stress

Starting a business for students as a side hustle will save you a lot of stress, make you less independent of your parents or guardian, and can help you get materials and other study aids you need. We all know that being a university student can be very stressful and requires the utmost concentration to achieve good grades in school.

However, when you lack basic needs as a student, you also tend to lose focus in classes as you spend days thinking about what or what not to do to meet those pressing demands.

Is it OK for a student to run a business while in school?

These and more are some of the pertinent questions that students ask daily. Some people are lucky enough to come from excellent and flamboyant backgrounds where their parents can afford to give them everything they need without batting an eye.

Business for Students You Can Start Without

Unfortunately, not too many students can boast about this same story. As in Africa and parts of Asia where access to learning facilities is difficult, jobs are scarce, and the cost of living is relatively high and low in quality, you should start any of this business for students as soon as you leave high school before even venturing into it the University.

It is because getting a white-collar job is not guaranteed even after your college education, as millions of people are looking for one available slot or the other due to a lack of work.

Reasons why you should start a business for students

There are several reasons to start a business for students as a college students, but we will list just a few of them for your reading pleasure;

You will have another source of income

Of course, it is the main reason you should think about starting a business for students, no matter how small. The importance of having another source of income besides the money coming from your parents cannot be overemphasized.

Imagine when there is an urgent need, and you can solve it yourself without the help of anyone; it will save you a lot of embarrassment in your education journey.

You spend less time worrying about unnecessary things

In a university, many distractions can easily take your attention away. When you have a business investment, you tend to focus more on the business and your studies instead of making time for hanging out, chatting, clubs, and all the unnecessary things that follow admission.

Interesting right?

University students will find that those who do any business for students are always very successful academically and barely have time to do anything else.

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Starting a business for students will give you other opportunities

As a student, when you have a side hustle, other unprecedented opportunities will naturally open up. You will meet people in the business world, which will help improve your communication skills and intellect.

You will learn and know more

When you handle a business for students, you tend to learn more. The more time you spend doing something, the better you become at doing it.

Imagine starting this business for students while in school and running it successfully; when you get out of school, running and managing your business won’t be much of a problem. Think about it; if you can work under stress, you can do better without stress.

You can finally employ people

Not everyone will get a white-collar job; someone has probably started even the job you want to do after school. So, if you have a successful business during your school days, the target would be to expand.

Wouldn’t it?

When you expand and get more clients, the next natural phenomenon will be to employ helping hands or labour and pay them. That way, you helped create jobs in your area or country.

Top 12 Business for Students You Can Do or Start as Student on a University or High School Campus without Stress

Business for students you can start

  • Online Store
  • Become a Publisher
  • Start Engaging
  • Become a Teacher or Online Tutor
  • Selling Cryptocurrency and Other Digital Stuff Online
  • Freelancer
  • Baking
  • Photography
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Art
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Fashion design

Online store

As a student, you can have an online store that uses Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or even Instagram. It is probably the most popular social network, hosting billions of users ready to consume whatever you put out, as long as you can be reliable.

You can sell things like

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Jewellery, clothes, and intangibles like data and cryptocurrencies

You can partner with the big boys to bring these things to the consumers’ doorsteps.

Become a publisher

As a student, you can start a publishing career by writing books, journals, and even poetry and putting them up for sale. People will buy it, and it will be easier if you sell it to your coursemates and other students in your institution.

You may start a blog

Blogging is probably the most accessible business for students you can start. You can update on your own time, share information, search for what people are looking for and monetize that information. You can sell journals, have tutorials online, and many more.

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It will help you align your priorities in school. Starting a blog does not require much effort because several platforms you can blog with are accessible. You can visit us at Freelife Website to learn more ways of making money online through blogging as a student.

You can be a teacher or online tutor

If you are intelligent enough, you can start teaching other students a challenging course and convert your knowledge into money. You can teach them what they don’t know and make money from it; after all, information is power and money.

To become an online tutor as a student, you must meet the online platform’s eligibility criteria. Most educational media require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the chosen subject area, while others could require prior work experience.

As an applicant, you will undergo an interview process or an online test to judge your knowledge of the chosen subject. After that, the company will provide the technical equipment, and if all goes right, the student will be onboarded as a tutor.

You can sell cryptocurrency and other digital goods online

As the world evolves, things also develop sharply. Most students these days make money online by buying and selling digital currencies, gift cards, and other digital currencies.


As a student, you can become a freelancer, write for blogs and websites, and get paid from the comfort of your home. There are several free opportunities on the Internet that you can explore and earn money to reduce your dependence on your parents.

Upwork is one of the biggest marketplaces for freelancers online, where you plant your business in a purpose-built environment to connect you with potential long-term clients. Upwork is easier for you to promote your most in-demand services, showcase your best work, embrace new client relationships with confidence, and watch your consistent efforts pay off.


There are parties and events, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more that take place in and around school campuses. Baking is one profitable business for students you can do and continue your education without disruption.

If you are a good baker, you will indeed have customers from in and around your school who will patronize your hustle.


You can be a photographer as a student and earn good money without stress. It will not interfere with your studies as you can make it within your schedule. Students taking quality photos these days may be to commemorate their birthdays, anniversaries, and all. As a photographer, you can therefore win a lot.

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Painting and decoration

Are you a good painter? You can convert it to cash. If you can paint, decorate and beautify houses, you will have good money in your pocket.


If you are a good artist who can draw and design, you can convert it into cash. There are many success stories of students who draw and are into artwork. It will help you make legitimate and good money at your leisure without breaking a sweat.

You can start a business for students on NFT selling your artifice. You can sell anything on NFT, including

  • Music
  • Drawing
  • GIF
  • Tweets

You can even sell a selfie for millions of dollars. Demand for crypto art is only increasing, and users are flooding the market to bid on unique crypto tokens.

Social Media Influencer

If you are popular on social media, you can convert your audience into a money-spinning machine. The big tech and online companies will advertise through your profile if you have a dedicated audience.

Becoming a social media influencer is another business for students that requires you to outline your priorities and have a targeted audience where you can share your ideas and thoughts and get quality responses. If you have quality social media engagement, you can rake in good cash at the end of the month.

Fashion design

As a fashion designer, you will surely make some quality cash in school if you know your way around. You can design for both students and non-students at your leisure. If you are good at fashion, you can be sure to make good money as a student in a higher institution.


Earning a living is generally not easy, not to mention being a student; you have to work hard, have sleepless nights, and more to combine work and academia, but the result is worth it.

Starting this business for students and having a side hustle or doing some small jobs will save you the stress of being overly dependent on your parents and guardians.

So, you must do something to help yourself as well. You can share this article with other students if you find it useful.

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12 Business for Students You Can Start Without Stress

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My name is Ima-abasi Sunday, I am an internet marketer and a blogger in the make money online niche. My blog has helped thousands of people gain financial freedom by making money online. You can visit my blog Freelife to learn more

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